Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The bank holiday, the work begins to appear and the garden takes shape!

Well, I am only a month behind now! May half term saw a little bit of respite from all the madness that the show space construction brings. The final show pieces started appearing a little more on our facebook page and surprisingly the sun shone for us! So the garden got a bit of a make over and this year. after two failed years, we have the beginnings of a veggie patch! Noah is shaping up to be quite good at weed pulling....

As usual the man of the house took off for a few days of climbing, so Noah and I met up with Annie and Maxi for a day out at the farm - I say farm, but this one in Godstone has a dinosaur trail, a sand pit as big as our entire garden and a play barn - so we could on occasion, actually have an adult conversation!!

A welcome of wellies!

Smiley happy child!

Doing his best not to actually eat the sand!

Racing tractors - like you do!

Making dens in the woods

Making fire? well thankfully he had little chance going by the poor efforts Bear Grills lot did on the Island!

Rolling down hills!

Slithering down slides

Tractor rides through the dinosaurs

Oops - breaking the scarecrows

Making new friends!

If only he was always this cool and relaxed at the supermarket!

                       And then it was showtime! Emily and Storm getting handy with the drill!

Alex getting organised.....

Holly struggling with her measurements!

Susie - last minute evaluations

What keeps everyone going!

Final pic choices for Angel

AT LAST! An arrangement that actually doesn't look like I have literally thrown it together!!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO GEORGIE who is now a home owner!!
The cushion is in production!

And the garden this year is a bit of a winner - all thanks to me little helper!

The beginning of a bit of washed up and weathered....

Did anyone say shower?!

Back to the 70's Macramé classes at Anthropologie for Emma

Molly was dying.....

Billy bored us all with his HUNDREDS of toiles....

Katie went all miniature!

Emma found some therapy!

Iza mastered the pocket

Emma ploughed on!

Flo felt good!

Susie began to weather!

Iza began to get it all wrapped up

Susie, Georgia M, Katie, Flo and I had a bit of time for a selfie of two!

Katie got print happy!

The final crit had many delicious offerings - not just mine - embarrassingly, everyone else did so much better!!

At LAST! Billy stopped toiling and got making!

Georgia P got her gardening gloves on....

Emily had a blow out

Emma went alfresco

Flo got her camera out

Becks got angry

Susie nearly got washed away

Chloe found her religion

Hannah projected her creativity

Georgia P did a supermarket sweep

Holly ripped it up

Georgia M rocked out

Pascale patched things up

Storm reflected on things

Molly raged against the machine

Iza got physical!

And this is just a taster........

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