Wednesday, 10 June 2015

More Flowers, Noah is 3, we get shooting and we get the paint out....

It's all ramping up now - the year is coming to an end in the academic sense and final shows are now upon us - all done and dusted actually bar the shouting, but I am desperately trying to catch up and record my manic life, so please bear with me!

The flower arranging hasn't miraculously improved - I can't say that the L shape was a hit and as far as getting continental - I'll stick with a week in Majorca....! 

The first years left (and are now back already as second years). The second years cried and panicked their way through the final stages and got painting.Some last minute photo shoots saw one young photographer produce some terrific work - watch this space....

Noah became a threenager - so far relatively uneventful (thankfully), although we have spent a significant part of our day today at the doctor's trying to shrink a huge bee sting swelling on his face - he looks like he has done a few rounds with Tyson.....!

We survived Peppa Pig world (and not so secretly loved it!), and made cakes with muddy puddles on them!

My tragic attempt

Not mine (clearly)

Final, final Roald Dahling boards form the first years - well, my favourites anyway!

A bit more printing - anyone for a tablet cover - I say tablet rather than ipad as I may have miscalculated here and there.....!

The big photo shoot with Storm and her lovely, wild, and let's face it, slightly scary model Hannah!

Cooking cakes out of a box? Who us? Nooooo, not in a million! Errr, don't tell Oma!!!

Some grown up baking post bedtime! Courtesy of the Cider with Rosie blog - they are mind blowingly AWESOME! 

Present wrapping

Waiting to be opened except sleeping beauty, who had climbed in with us in the early hours of the morning was reluctant to be wakened! When he discovered that he was not actually going to be 4 and had to be 3 he was even less impressed!!

Baa however was ready and raring to go!!

Becks getting greedy....

I present the Continental display!

So to the first years, it's bye bye bye! Nowhere to call home anymore!

Bradley - the last minute panics firmly set in..........

But Flo's alright!

Susie - all gloved up and nowhere to go

Flo - removing the masterpiece

No second L....... Not really a laughing matter!

Peppa for real 



Frustration at the length of the queues

Stupid helicopter selfies

Happy faces (unlike today's)

Windy castles

Reluctance to get up close and personal!

A couple of oldies who had no excuse to be on the train!

Err, or dinosaur rides.....

Pony rides

And to make it even better the sun really shone! 

The tiny egg should have been a clue - sadly Charlotte lost a pal...... But LOOK how tiny this egg is!

Getting on with the prep - photographic evidence that my lot pulled their weight...

Well, Billy just wandered around with a pot of filler - get paint on the designer trainers? I don't think so! Well he might have been quite handy with the drill.........

Holly - keeping everyone in order......

Or maybe not........

Storm causing trouble....

MY space!

Yeah - Georgia was completely over it!

Pascale printed her little heart out

Chloe mixed it up

I made the top for a coffin - not the best timing for my Mum's birthday flowers...........

Between us, Charmian, Deborah and I helped Aldi raise their flower profits!!

Well, those cakes were soooo good I had to bake some for final crits!

Before the cakes....

And after.....!

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