Monday, 20 April 2015

The rest of last term...

Experiments, markets and making, days out and birthdays, Mother's day and Roald Dahl, productivity and cheekiness, great work and laziness, it's all been going on..... A busy March.

Molly got all print happy

lauren spent 20+ hours on this city scape - something good had to come from our London trip!

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) got foxy - not sure about fantastic....

Seb forgot where he put his pencils

Ryan rocked yellow

Alice didn't go to the ball....

I did a market at Fork Handles Restaurant - an interesting venue....

They had the perfect chairs fo my prints!

Holly got moody

Justin got chocolately

The first years (with a bit of help form the second years) got all "Dahling".

Otto made a break for it

Google reminded me that I had a birthday

and Ivan (Mr Bicknell) bought me a star and I love it!

In Protest about the horrible new Wetherspoons inmtown we pledged alligence to The George and why wouldn't you want to come here instead?

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) made a new friend

Noah went mad at Alice Holt (Blimey, God bless this place!)

I got a box of flowers

We had toooooo much maaaarrrrkking

Art classes with Georgie

A lack of interest over artisan sausages...

However the adults ate VERY well at the Purefoy Arms in Candover - birthday lunches with Judith

Posh Granola in bed for Mother's day - loving these parenthood perks!

Mum and I went to London - the annual XFactor tour!

Grenwhich market

The O2

They were alllll good actually!

Late night shopping at the food market on the southbank - goodies for the train ride home!

And my students? Well, the work is coming on and for the 5th year in a row we have someone off to Westminster - well done Billy...

Finally, you have to be made of stone to not love this......

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