Sunday, 5 April 2015

So we went to Istanbul - err, in February...

Yeah continuing with the out of date posting info the art trip this year was to Istanbul - it got off to a shaky start with a 32 hour delay and a stop off at a hotel at Heathrow with 40 bored and fed-up  teenagers, but we got there and we had a fine time whilst Noah ran Granny and Granddad absolutely ragged!!

I was so bored that I got onto instagram - the trouble is that (predictably) I have since discovered that I have neither the time nor inclination to really jump on board...... so the first few photo are my feeble attempt at recording the wait prior to our eventual flight to Istanbul....

Eventually we got there - how this guy looks is pretty much how we looked during our delay!

On the way to Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern 

Jonny, Josh and Louis doing their own bit of performance art....

Ashley and Libby working the space

Lunch = always a highlight!

Salt galata

Fish face

And another.....


A different Salt

Pera museum - Giacometti - a brilliant little show

Supper en masse

Turkish Delight - well for Ollie anyway

A lesson or the girls...

Meeting the locals..

You just can't keep a good man down.....

Sharp and sunny city

Fishing for their supper

Boat trip

Market mayhem

Welcome snacks

The locals

Lighting up time

Super suppers


Worship watchers

Fat cats

Water babies

Bread makers

Excitement makers

Sweet treats

Fun and games

City slickers

Homeward bound...

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