Thursday, 27 October 2011


Oh God I still haven't written a single reference - tomorrow, honest, but I have finished all my planned printing, had my hair cut and spent 3 hours at work today in the peace and quiet of a student free zone, organising the screen images for my lovely 14 year olds - ah well, they're worth it and I am such a control freak that I couldn't possibly have left it to anyone else!

So here is more of the same, stall stuff wise, to bore you silly with - sorry!

Lavender bags - new bird!

Hotties - old bird!

4 new scarves - these take forever! Why on earth do I do them?

I said that I would never make bunting ever again, but I just couldn't help myself, and besides, These are uch simpler!

But now I have got shed loads of sewing to do!
Now normally I would indulge myself by watching episode after episode of ER, but stupid amazon have delivered my latest fix, for some reason they tried and filed and have now taken it back to the depot - arrrgggghh! However......I remembered that my lovely Mum had given me the first season of Life on Mars for my birthday and I had been holding back on watching it - OMG why?????? It is bloody brilliant! If you haven't seen it watch it and feel glad that the 70's have been and gone!!!

Other prints.....

These are going to be make-up bags.....
......and these are already new cushions!

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