Monday, 10 October 2011

Another uni update just for you!

So Ted's next up for getting her DVD - have a read! I honestly didn't pay her, but of course, it's all true!!!

I write this as I'm on the train back to London, where I go to university now… London College of Fashion. I had the privilege of being taught by Gayle at Alton for 3 years.. thank god for that because quite frankly without her I would never have been good enough to get to where I am now. You’re all very lucky to have her. So I’m studying Fashion Contour which for those of you don’t know is lingerie, swimwear and some sportswear. Basically all the under garments of your life come under contour, the figure hugging bits and bobs. So far the course hasn’t been all that interesting but really that’s because it hasn’t started yet. There are a lot of international students in London and so these first two weeks have been trying to introduce them into the ldn life with small projects instructing you to go to different attractions in London. We had one project to do over summer which was also relatively un-demanding. Basically just had to get an object that meant something to us and take a photo of it, write a little bit about it, and ta da. Here is the link to the flickr page where everyone had to upload their image...  (Damn - this doesn't work!! I will work on it!) As you can see there is a really eclectic mix of things on it which shows just how mad and wild and different everyone is. My class has its generic fashion students, its clinical ones, its over the top and sometimes damn right annoying ones, and of course the scary and deep. I don’t know which heading I come under but I like to embrace all sorts and check out the competition. There is some serious competition! Of course it isn’t actually a competition at all, its no race to the finish line, but I thrive to be the best as should all of you reading! So important to not get your head tangled up in other things lovely people and just stay focused.. Trust me I learnt the hard way. So the object project it turns out is the basis for a long essay we have to write by the end of December… I'm excited I love writing! Tomorrow is our first ever “bra lesson”. The mannequins are all bra size 34B so we all had to buy a three-piece-cup, underwired without padding and a full cradle around the rib cage 34B bra which we are happy to unpick and then learn how to put it all back together.. the basic terminology and of course all the other stitches. I had a 3 hour lesson how to use all the different sewing machines, they're mad- Some of them look like they could come to life. Just seeing the stitches and being able to recognize where they are from on a bra is the most exciting thing and when I finally make some lingerie I will be a very happy lady. I would absolutely recommend this course that I'm about to embark on to anyone that loves fashion but actually doesn’t like making clothes that much. The design process of contour is exactly the same but the making part is far more interesting and detailed which is something that I really like.

Underwear ahoy. now send me the video !!! haha hope you're well XX

I did pinch this pick off her FB page though.....

What a load of pants!

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