Sunday, 9 October 2011

A great weekend

It has been a really good weekend, this weekend, although I am currently doubled up in pain with a really dreadful stomach ache. I'm not sure if this is the result of too many cups of coffee today, or if I am now finally going down with the sick bug that has been doing the rounds at work, or....maybe I have got appendicitis... Oh God I hope not, I've got two project briefs to deliver tomorrow!

But as I was saying (through the gritted teeth of pain), we have had a fun weekend. Friday night saw the arrival of our friends Rob and Tess. I love these guys - Tess is a high flyer at Swansea Uni and gets to deliver lecturers all over the world - that's what you do when you are a PhD Doctor you know! And Rob is an adventurer extraordinaire and has a full on job teaching english, but what I love most about him is the fact that he is a die-hard fan of the musical! You have no idea how devastated Ivan (Mr Bicknell) was when he discovered this delicious fact, you see we met Rob when he led on expedition for us and  proved to be a bit of a legend, and more importantly someone Ivan (Mr Bicknell) could genuinely be impressed by, so it was a bit of a surprise discovering this rather lovely unusual passion for a mountaineer! He is the only one (and we have met many), who can watch the film version of Mama Mia 14 times and still continue to want to watch it!

Wine was drunk, dinner was eaten and plans for the next day were made.....

The first part of Saturday however, did not include me - there was no way I was going to get up at the crack of sparrows to watch some yawnsome game of rugby, so I cought some much needed Z's instead. After the traditional full(ish) English, we hoped on a train and headed up to the big smoke (London) and headed straight over to The prince of Wales theatre on Coventry street to see if we might pick up some tickets for..... yep, you've guessed it, Mama Mia - Ivan (Mr Bicknell) was by this time resigned to the fact that he may well have to endure 3 hours of all singing, all dancing joy! Despite his highest hopes, 4 tickets were duly purchased!

I love the film, but blimey, it has nothing on the show - if you haven't been and like a bit of Abba, then for goodness sake,GO! We had a blast, and who do you think was on his feet first getting all clappy and over excited.....? Well, it wasn't Rob!

MAMMA MIA! London 2011 - 2012 cast by Brinkhoff and Mögenburg

MAMMA MIA! London 2011 - 2012 cast by Brinkhoff and Mögenburg

MAMMA MIA! London 2011 - 2012 cast by Brinkhoff and Mögenburg

MAMMA MIA! London 2011 - 2012 cast by Brinkhoff and Mögenburg

MAMMA MIA! London 2011 - 2012 cast by Brinkhoff and Mögenburg

Not the cast we saw - but you get the idea!

This was our Sam Carmichael - the bonus is that he has just been in Spooks - love that show!!

Next we headed out for cocktails and Thai food - for cocktails we headed over to Covent Garden to Freuds - this is a particular fave of ours, introduced to us by a fab friend Ned - I love taking people here because it is underground, and if you are quick you can lose them enroute - not that that is ever our intention!

 Supper happened at Patara on Greek street - opposite L'escargot....

The best Thai food ever!

A walk over thye Hungerford foot bridge and we were on our way back to catch up on the X factor!!!

Sunday - Ivan, Rob and Tess went walking and then met up with Lynda, Jess and I in Petersfield, where we were doing our absolute best to sell my work, and you know what? The girls did good!

Have a great week! XX


  1. that's all very well, but what cocktails did you drink?

  2. Ha! Well the classic of course - Mojitos all the way! GX