Sunday, 9 October 2011


I have no shame, you probably know this by now, but I have stooped to new levels and resorted to blackmail - Ivan (Mr Bicknell) would say that this is actually nothing new and I use blackmail at home all the time, which I have to concur, is probably quite accurate! But this latest bit of bad behaviour is for the good of the newbies, so I feel no guilt or shame! Basically I now have in my possession last years fashion show DVD - it is VERY professional , Gemma (Kingshott) has done us PROUD, and has a sparkly career ahead of her I'm sure, even if she was rude enough to include a very flattering (not) take of me shouting at the models and berating them for being incapable of walking in a straight line (well, they couldn't)! Obviously the girls involved are desperate to have a copy of their own, naturally. But with the aid of modern technology and FB, I have been able to send a message to them all suggesting a deal..... New Uni update and receipt of a shiny new DVD, no update no prize! How mean am I? Don't care!!!!

So here is your first one courtesy of COURTNEY who has just begun her degree in sunny Falmouth.

Gayle!!! How are you? How are the newbie’s getting on? 
Here's my update on uni life for you so I can have a copy of the fashion show dvd! =D It’s going really well actually! Most people are really nice down here – a few old gits moaning at us students but I’m settling in ok! After many tears in the first 2 days hehe, I was s******* myself! Last week we didn’t really do much - just a few get to know everyone activities and stuff which was cool - have met some really nice people! Some lovely gay guys! For this week and next we have 2 group projects to do...for one of them we have been given a city to visit (ours being Truro) and then we have to create a working board about the place and we have to look at the tribes of the place and then pick one of the tribes we find to create a pop up shop for me and my group are designing a pop up shop for skaters! Which is quite groovy =] and then the second project is about styling, so we have to style 3 mannequins with only £18 to spend on them, which is actually quite tricky! Charity shops really aren’t very cheap! But we found a cool lamp shade to either use as a head piece or as a fish tail – the theme of the pieces have to link in with the Cornish coast and link in with the concept words which are ‘storm’, ‘turbulence’ and ‘restlessness’ so were thinking about doing sea creatures or something =]…Poppy’s in my group which is cool (another lovely ex-alton girlie)so yeah I will send/blog photos of our amazing creations so you can see them! Then in the 3rd week we start learning to pattern cut…we are producing a shirt dress whilst learning this, and I will also be learning fashion drawing and doing some more life drawing I think! And then construction work etc, so it all sounds quite good! We do have a few boring lectures in-between hehe, but I’m sure they will be inspirational and helpful! What else has been going on? Umm, had my needs assessment today for my DSA and I’m getting a free Mac book pro!!! And a printer + scanner etc etc so that’s all gooood! (alright for some) Don’t know what else you want to know/would be interested in to be honest! Everything seems to be going OK at the moment! ooooo I did some surfing last week! didn't manage to stand up, but I did manage to kneel, caught a few waves =P was actually quite fun - might do a few more lessons if I can afford it! I might become a surf babe! =D Hope all is good and hope I’ve earned my copy of the fashion show hehee! Speak soon! Courts Xxx

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