Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Our Alumni

We have had a few ex-students in recently, it is always an absolute pleasure to see them and so encouraging to see them doing so damn well.

I love our students, they make me realise on a daily basis how lucky I am to earn a living the way I do  - you can forget the office politics, the cuts and the underlying misery of the educational system of the moment, it is the kids that fill the studios, the hall ways and even the canteen when neither for love nor money can you get close enough to the sandwich counter to order an egg mayo on wholegrain, that do it for me! You know as a teacher that you aren't doing the job for the money, or despite what some may think, an easy life, and that people in many other careers earn far more substantial salaries and don't find themselves sitting up at 2 in the morning wading through sketchbook after sketchbook based on an investigation of the wasp (my week so far!). But they don't spend their working week being entertained and enthused by young people who are more often than not, genuinely excited about what they are doing and their futures might hold, so for that I am grateful!

First up was James. Now James was a particular favourite of mine - a ridiculously talented photographer, gossip merchant extraordinaire and one of the brightest, funniest, kindest blokes I know.

This is him

These are a couple of his pics that he kindly gave us - if he can do this at 18, what will he be doing later on? James is currently in his final year at LCF - and you can see his work here.

Next up was Sadie - Sadie has featured n this blog a number of times before - she is brill and make the BEST jewellery! We recently did a bit of swapsies - I came off far better as I am now the proud owner of one of her fabulous rabbit necklaces!

Here she is!

Lovely, lovely, desirable stuff - you can see her stuff here.....

Yesterday saw a visit from Dan, now Dan isn't a student I worked particularly closely with, whereas I know Sadie and James very well, but blimey, he is already a bit of a star and a natural communicator to boot. He has already bagged a commision with Google Think! Not bad when you only graduated a few months ago!! Dan id famous at college for this little film - made in his first year at Brighton uni with another ex-Altonian, Matt Lyver - hnestly, the talent just keeps on coming!!!

You can see his work here.

And here is the promo for the Google Think campaign - impressive Dan!

Look out for Lucinda  he's coming next..........

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