Sunday, 6 February 2011

Saturday - and the fun keeps on coming!

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) is not the most sociable of bodies, so yesterday was a bit of an ordeal for him, but oh how I had fun. You see it's not so easy to manoeuvre him up to the big smoke - but having both tickets for a wine tour and Alan Ayckbourns "Seasons Greetings" at the National and pre-theatre sushi with our American friend Arnie he really had no choice! Well get it all in, in one day, that's what I say!!!

Sharing lunch with a chinese dragon..... The wine wharf at Vinopolis had a very special guest!

The best vintages - if you haven't done one of their tours have a go - they are a lot of fun!


Catherine Tate and Neil Stuke - Brilliant!

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