Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A couple of good books....

I am a sucker for good books - I have hundreds, and firmly believe that there really is nothing quite like the feel and smell of a new (or old) publication - this, for me, refers to both the novel and the "picture" book - I live for summer holidays when I can indulge in a good story (preferably on a beech with either my lovely sister in law, or my equally lovely best friend Rebecca - sorry Ivan (Mr Bicknell), but your reluctance to keep me company in the sunshine calls for alternative arrangements!) and having received some fabulous books this Christmas of which I have yet had the time to even lift the covers, I am beginning to get itchy fingers. The "picture" books therefore are a good compromise, and yesterday I received 2 rather good ones - hooray for Amazon and thank you Aunty Fran for the vouchers! If you are a budding fashion student, who has a lecturer who sometimes despairs at the shallow aspects of the couture, then these could be for you.....

To help you think a little more creatively

Then you won't need me at all!

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