Sunday, 27 February 2011

Kate Spade

I am currently working very hard (honest) at researching interesting info in a bid to inspire and inform my second year lovelies and came across this in the process - it made me smile and this week has been a bit strange for me, so I appreciated it! I am also doing all the things I am not meant to - I am using THE MAC - Ivan's (Mr Bicknell's) pride and joy, drinking coffee - forbidden as it has a strange effect on me, watching crap and mindless T.V. and let one of the cats sleep on my pillow last night (err, O.K. maybe not MY pillow...) - well if Ivan (Mr Bicknell) will go climbing! Actually he has worked VERY hard this week and as his stress levels rocketed in Russia and his current masterpiece appears to have been a bit of a drag to complete, I don't begrudge him the time out out at all and, - HA - it also means I can use THE MAC!

A work in progress - not only climbs - but paints those that climb! Clever, and to think all I do is make pretty pics of birds......!

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