Wednesday, 4 August 2010

New floor..

As well as Brighton, Arnie and I managed to fit in a trip to Judith's for lunch (my FABULOUS mother in law), a good meaty walk and a trip to the cinema - Inception - it is brilliant and you should definitely go and see it! However, we did have a trip to London planned too - you know, the Tate Modern, food and maybe some theatre, that sort of thing, but I was expecting a new floor to arrive for our bathroom and had to wait around for it, so as I waved bye, bye, to Arnie at the station, fully intending to catch him up later in the day, I went home to wait for the guys to finish - unbeknown to me that it would take 3 of them 5 hours to lay it - hence no lovely day for me.... But doesn't it look groovy.....

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