Friday, 13 August 2010

4 years and counting....

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I have just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary - strangely however, this is the first year that we have actually been able to do something together, you see this time of year tends to be taken up with epic travelling adventures and normally jetlag, illness or delay! So we bravely decided to venture into deepest, darkest walses, take our chances with the elements and rough it in 5* luxury! Our destination was Peterstone court in the heart of the Breacon Beacons - - If you are looking to be spoiled, then check out the link! Our amazing neighbours had cheekily phoned ahead and arranged for some fizz to be placed in our room, and with the hotel now knowing that we were celebrating, they up-graded us for free! We had an AMAZING room - jars of lollipops, huge four poster bed, flat screen T.V. window seats, robes, the lot!
The hotel also has a spa, where we had great massages, saunas, lots of dips in the jacuzzi and I even had a pedicure where you are given homemade ice-cream to eat at the same time! There was a gorgeous heated outdoor pool to splash around in which had incredible views of the Beacons and as the weather was so nice, we could sit on the terrace, have afternoon tea and do the crossword!
The hotel's chef has just been awarded Welsh Chef Of the Year, so as you can imagine, the food was pretty good too!
We did lots of walking in order to walk off the excess eating and came home this morning feeling properly pampered!

Heading into Wales.....

It is great to see that husbands are not only great for footing the bill, but they can carry the luggage in too!

THE room!

Could we have better neighbours?

Mysteriously the jar seemed to be empty on our departure.

And as for the products, what products?


It tasted as good as it looked - the staff were a bit perplexed as to why I was photographing the food though, but hey ho.....

A sign of protest? Abandoned boots at the start of walk one.

We are here.
So it is true - although a bit breezy, the sun really does shine in Wales! Behind me is what we did the next day - yes it did take nearly 5 hours!

All stone walls and rolling hills - wondrful!

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