Friday, 13 August 2010

Make do and mend or just make!

This blog business is proving to be quite hard to stay on top of, but I promised Hazel that I would do my best - so although it has been over a week I am aiming to get everything done at some point today!
So first of all, make do and mend - a top tip for you. I have had this cardi for AGES, love the colour, but hadn't worn it for a while because the collar was fraying, so I had a think and picked up some bias binding and stitched it over the top - and hey presto, good as new.

The very same day, an old friend of mine, Jo (we used to waitress together at a rather posh health farm when we were students, many moons ago)came for lunch with her little boy Charley, and although she turned up with some amazing flowers (always greatfully received), she had also been baking and presented us with these incredible cookies - I'm telling you, they were better than anything shop bought and have inspired me to locate my pinny - watch this space!!

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