Wednesday, 4 August 2010


It is always great to make new friends too, and when Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I climbed Kili 5 or so years ago, Arnie was part of our team, the three of us hit it off straight away and we have managed to meet up once or twice a year ever since - impressive since he is actually American and lives in San Francisco! Fortunately many of our college trips are either to NYC or San Fran, and Arnie has business connections over here, so we are lucky! As Ivan (Mr Bicknell) was still romping around the Apls (he, I'm glad to report is now back safe and sound), it was my job to entertain - so where better on a sunny weekend than Brighton......
Arnie - his first trip to Brighton and possibly his first deck chair!!
Sadly we didn't build any sand castles - but the thought was there....!

You have to love the seagulls!

Some people will do anything for some attention!

The pier.
Not the best day for a swim - but there were some impressive waves to be seen.
All the fun of the fair.

I never had the patience, so I never did!

What would Brighton be without the seafood - of which we ate plenty, although not on the pier, but in the rather amazing Riddle & Finn's in the Lanes - if you haven't been - GO!

Well, he was a tourist, so we had to go to do the tour of the pavillion!

And just to prove that I did actually climb Kili - here is the proof - I promise that I am not quite that fat, but considering it was minus 18, I had quite a few layers on! And yes that does say 5895M and no, I didn't smile for the entire 7 days it took us to reach the top! Arnie will confirm this!

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