Friday, 26 April 2013

The usual catch up

So this is it you lot.
In about 30 minutes we are loading the car and off to Heathrow for the 9pm to Addis. This is crunch time - where we find out if baby Noah is really, truly going to ours - imagine the most stressed you have ever been and then times it by 100 and you will be close to how I am feeling right now. Yesterday leaving work was horrible, Charmian my colleague cannot for the life of her understand why I was sad, but leaving all my lovely boys and girls was a bit gut wrenching - I got two brill cards and some awesome flowers from my first years - I think Siobhan and Milly werre behind it, so thank you lovelies!
This is basically a round up of what has gone down recently and today's unusual events - i.e. packing for an 11 month old!! 
How am I going to blog as a non textiles teacher?????? Well only temporarily......

After enjoying making the pics for Noah's room so much I thought I would make some for the stall - a lot of making took place over the Easter hols for fear of having no time or desire upon our return from Africa!

Birds of course!

My fabby pal Caroline had a birthday - she of  the "A year of living brilliantly" blog and we had an amazing and incredibly boozy lunch with her and some of her other very nice friends - I have stolen these images from her blog!

I wish I hadn't seen this link on her blog though!

My birthday offering!

Back at college Emma-Jane has gone dino crazy - we found these on Pinterest and decided to have a go!

Pinned Image

More spray paint coats needed but you get the idea!!!

 I became addicted to the idea for Noah's room - so she picked me up a handful from Hawkins Bazaar! What a sweet girl she is!

Here is my scarily good card from the first years - Yes I'm ALWAYS late and yes, I ALWAYS have a Costa in my hand!!!!

Let me tell you - the flowers were HUGE! I had a raging cold and couldn't smell them initially, apparently the staff room gave everyone a headache!! 

How sweet is this? Ivan's (Mr Bicknell's) last Rolo!

As a last Mum and daughter jolly (who are we kidding?) Mum and I went to Bournemouth for a spot of pampering - we also popped into the aquarium - oh I do love a good aquarium!
I wouldn't recommend the hotel we stayed in - the Royal Bath - more like a Royal Laugh, but my Mum is very good company so it was fine!

Blimey - you can't take her anywhere!!!

She didn't even pick them up!

Card number two - both made me cry!

And a final goodbye - so long Alton College!

The second years also made me endure this......

So, the next time I blog, hopefully this room will be occupied!

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  1. Such a cute room!!! Love your home-made touches to it! :) xx