Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Easter holiday productivity

So the Easter holidays have been productive for us - for example, lots of baby stuff and baby proofing has been taking place - I have discovered that after 12 years, Ivan (Mr Bicknell) can actually "do" DIY! Blimey, who would have thought that stair gates would be successfully hung, or cupboard doors could be beautifully fashioned? Err, not I, that's for sure! But it's true, and our house is slowly morphing into a place that is to accommodate a little person. I just hope that all goes well and he gets to see all our hard work! 

Aside from all the baby stuff Ivan (Mr Bicknell) has been squeezing in as much climbing as possible, and so far, I have been printing my little heart out, tidied up the garden, (- did you catch the sun last Saturday?), cleared out draws and cupboards, eaten chocolate eggs, entertained (swearing never to drink again after one such evening) and been to London. We still have a great deal to do before flying out in a couple of weeks, but at least our flights are now booked - bloody hell! Did I mention that I still need you all to keep your fingers crossed?!
The climber


I don't know if I have ever mentioned this before, but when Ivan (Mr Bicknell) goes climbing/adventuring he finds me a stone - not just any old nondescript old rock, but something that comes shaped as a heart (awww) - I proudly (sadly?) have a whole dish of them on our hearth - this whopper came to me last week all the way from cheddar gorge - sunnyside terrace apparently!

New clutch purses
and books...

Did you have a lovely papier mache chicken? No? Well get yours next year from the Paisley Cat in Farnham..

Deborah and I went to London - the dedicated lecturers that we are!

After admiring the skateboard graveyard on Hungerford footbridge we headed over to Somerset House to see the Crafted exhibit - I had no idea that this was on, but Deborah fortunately keeps her ear to the ground! It was well worth the visit and the craftsmanship simply took my breath away. I'm afraid that if you haven't seen it, it's too late, but check it out on line if you want to know more!

Adras Fabric

A spot of lunch at Tom's Deli also went down a treat!

Next stop was the Design Museum (always further along the Southbank than I think - so good exercise - not sure Deborah saw it that way though, but we did get to walk through Borough Market and sample some awesome chocolate - and well, maybe I might have bought some too, and as I sit here munching it, I can confirm it's just as good at home!) - I try to visit the Designs of the year exhibit every year - it blows my mind that so much great stuff is being designed every single day - especially when so much actually contributes to education and even saving lives. 

"The Designs of the Year awards, ‘The Oscars of the design world' showcase the most innovative and imaginative designs from around the world, over the past year, spanning seven categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Transport and Product. Category winners and the overall winner will be decided by a jury and announced on 16 April 2013."

And being the mug that I am -  I even spent a day at college so that the dedicated few could go in and work - it at least gave me the chance to put my books together which involves lots of hammering that my neighbours aren't particularly fond of - so everyone's a winner!

Nicole working hard!

Josie - not even a textile girlie - Charmian will be pleased!

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