Wednesday, 10 April 2013

More student stuff...

The end of term was a long time coming, even though this side of half term was a mere 5 weeks. I don't know why we were all so knackered, but we were! The students all gave their FMP presentations and lots of great ideas seem to have been generated - I leave for Africa in a couple of weeks and with any luck all will go well and I will spend the rest of 2013 at home learning how to be a Mum.... It is sad though not to see this year's boy and girls through to the end, but with the development of some amazing portfolios and a whole host of impressive uni places acquired and of course some top notch stand-in teaching waiting to take the helm, I am confident that 20+ excellent shows will appear! I am very much looking forward to seeing the end results! I hope you are still keeping those fingers crossed!

I had to take some pics of Libby's last sketchbook for you - I tell you, this girl has a very bright shiny future ahead of her!

My photos don't do her beautiful drawings justice I'm afraid.

Sian - was also the first to get her Brighton interior installation up - super speedy this one!
I love the variety in her pieces - and especially the ply seagulls - rumour has it that they may fly to Noah's room!

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