Sunday, 23 September 2012

Round up of last few summer projects

With one thing and another I have been kept away from my blog over the last week or so, mainly because I have been pretty busy with personal statements & summer project marking - although I am still waiting on quite a bit of this to still come in - arrgghh, naughty boys and girls - yeah, you know who you are.... I have been squeezing in some last minute own work in prep for the winter selling season which also consumes my time whole, and irritatingly, our phone line (and therefore internet connection) disappeared. Finally in the shock of a the flick of a switch, Alton college has become a much poorer place and has taken its toll - this I will sadly explain in a later post.

So here are some last minute things, and now it's down to the nitty gritty of the autumn term - see you on the other side!

At last! The stools got their freak on!

Some more cushions were born.

I made the bunting I had been commissioned to make - and they LOVED IT apparently (thank goodness)!

The tea towels got ironed and folded.

Some new books got made (and sold already).

All those cushions got put together.

Let the selling commence (please)!

Another thing I did was spend some time with my new nephew - grandma reads a mean story too!

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