Sunday, 23 September 2012

Clever, clever girls.......

I have had two pieces of great news this term from some "old girls" who are both doing rather well. I am always so touched when they think I am important enough to share their fortune with.

Firstly I found an exciting parcel in my pigeon hole at work - it was a copy of House & Garden magazine, some fabric samples and a very charming handwritten note.... It was from a lovely girl called Katherine Pool or, naf-kaf as she was always known when she was at Alton! In a nutshell, post graduation from Leeds College of Art she has secured a position at Fermoie (the people who brought us Farrow & Ball), and is quite a hit - as she was always destined to be! House & Garden saw fit to publish an editorial on the company and there is a great deal of emphasis on how instrumental her input is - BRILLIANT! You can read the whole article here....

Katherine in action!

Rosie Stride left us more recently and coincidently continues to study at Leeds - they must be good there - she "Facebooked" me to let me know that she has just received the wallpaper history society award in the CAMAC student wallpaper design competition. 

Well done Rosie!

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