Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cornish Capers

Although the majority of my holiday was taken up with home improvements and lots of making, Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I did manage to get away for a few days together this "summer" for a bit of camping in Cornwall - despite what some may think, I do love to camp! Our camp site of choice was just outside St Just and I spent a large proportion of the time being amazed by the impressive camp craft demonstrated by our fellow campers, and just how much of a home away from home they seem to need to make their pitches - a far cry from us in our tiny, sparse mountain tent I can tell you, for a start we were without a wind-breaker, a kettle, a BBQ, a T.V, a radio, a fridge, a pet of some description or indeed the proverbial kitchen sink, I even saw one couple engaged in companionable knitting outside their tent! No we were up and out ASAP, using our time to walk, sight see and eat out at nice places - I'm afraid that for me camping is generally a great excuse NOT to cook at "home"! The best bit about the camp site however were the showers (you should know that when we camp normally we are either in a developing world country or on a D of  E exped where washing is not generally part of the deal!), for 1 shiny 20p here you could have a very good hot shower! I can tell you now from first hand experience, that you have ample time between dropping your coin in the box on the exterior of your shower and lathering up nicely under a substantial length of hot water time to shed your clothes in relative leisure, but the lengths the teenagers who frequently surrounded me went to, to maximise hot water time, was impressive - this mainly went along the lines of one girl standing begrudgingly outside a shower, coin in hand in readiness for her much bossier mate inside to indicate that she was  ready to get all hot and soapy - much admonishment of "Cheryl's" lack of concentration would then take place as "Sandra" endured a cascade of icy cold water before the clink of a coin could be heard - might this have been intentional?! 

On the way down we stopped in Glastonbury to see Ivan's (Mr Bicknell's) Dad and then took a tiny detour to Callington to visit an old family haunt where Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and his sisters spent some time when they were younger .

This swimming spot on the river Lyner is situated very close to a property once owned by  Ivan's (Mr Bicknell's) step grandparents and although the heaven's opened the moment we jumped out of the car to have a look, someone couldn't resist a dip!

Oh, and  I couldn't resist this shot - he didn't just hurl himself in, there was a better formed dive stance than this,  but not nearly as funny!


The sun came out and the whole place came alive with damsel flies and look even a bit of blue sky!

Next stop was the Eden project - I have been dying to go for years and it really didn't disappoint!

As you will shortly see in a new post, we are doing quite well, as our washing machine is nearly 30 years old! This chap was made up of , amongst other things, 8 of the wretched things!

Do you know what it is yet?

Inside the tropical Biome - this leaf would have been handy earlier in the day!

High up on the viewing platform - so much so that my legs had a panic attack.

A sad reminder that a return to college and the "wasp" project was just around the corner!

Day two - a day walk south of Lands End - yep, alll, day!

Only in GB can you find a landscape like this - lots of tempting rocks for someone to salivate after!

St Levans Bay near Porthcurno - a quick scramble down and we were straight into the water! Well, we were on holiday afterall!

See, he couldn't help himself!

The Minack theatre carved into the rocks - sadly we couldn't see it up close and personal as a sold out performance of Return to the Forbidden Planet was taking place - but thanks to good zoom from another headland I managed to get this shot!

This is what it really looks like!

41 - Minack Theatre

More rocks....

In fact in the evening I was deserted for an hour whilst a certain rocky itch was scratched - not to worry though, the camp cat engaged me in some worthwhile conversation!

Day three - the Lizard

Where's wall....err, Ivan (Mr Bicknell)?

Oh , there he is!

Then to Gweek to see the seals!

With the odd penguin thrown in for good measure!

And then to Mousehole!

This place is special to me as I remember it so well from childhood holidays and despite the grumbles from a certain party we spent a lovely evening there!

This is an exact replica of a photo my Mum has of my Dad - it even looks like someone is quite cheery!

Searching for stones

And in came the tide

Pre dinner drinks in a local hotel brought some interesting entertainment!

A dinner of incredible seafood at a restaurant called The Cornish Range was an added bonus!

Harbour lights

Day 4  - it positively chucked it down all night - thankfully taking our tent down in our PJ's wasn't too horrific and I was glad of my 20p shower afterwards! 

The cooked breakfast at the cookbook in St Just - a strange combination of cafe and second-hand book shop - warmed us up further!

Strange bird thing

Cup cakes in St Ives where we also headed to the Tate to see the Alex Katz and the Barbara Hepworth museum to swoon.

Exhibition banner for Alex Katz exhibition at Tate St Ives, showing two women in swimming costumes

These postcards written by some young visitors made us howl! Out of the mouths of babes huh?!

A last trip to the beach - how big is this mussel? 

And a great time was had by all!

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