Tuesday, 18 September 2012

La vie en swiss

I always like to do a last  minute.com thing before my return to college and it normally involves my friend Bex, this is the first year I have visited her whilst she has lived in Switzerland, Basel to be precise. We have been mates now for 20+ years - since uni, which makes me feel so very old, although we both maintain that we still feel exactly the same. I am always rather surprised when I consider just how old 41 is. But I suppose that 41 now is a lot younger than it was when are Mums were our age - for a start they both had kids that were practically 20 and that's bound to age you! Neither of us have even managed to catch that particular bandwagon let alone jump on it. But whilst we are still youngish without  "family tie's" it's quite nice to hang out in the city, do a bit of culture and drink far too much prosecco!  

So I arrived at sunset, this year it was nice to have an uneventful flight, last year the storm I travelled through to get to Bex was so bad I though I might die.....

Window boxes are a big deal in Basel - not many gardens I guess!

Don't know who did this or what it is, but I saw it in a window - much more attractive than the chap below who was also hanging out behind glass, creepy.

I discovered the department store Globus - it is a bit like Selfridges I suppose, but well, even better. I am a total sucker for food packaging and its presentation - you can forget the fashion bit - just take me to the food hall!

Bex, always one to enjoy the chocolate!

Some of the home ware stuff is quite interesting too!

Had to bring some nice bits home.....

And some ribbons for me.

How sweet is this little chap? I would never be able to leave him tied up outside any shop no matter how fab it is!

Talking about dogs this is Gilbert - he isn't so keen on walking.....

A highlight of this trip though, aside from just chilling and spending time with a very dear friend, was a trip to the Beyeler Foundation to see the Jeff Koons exhibit - well worth a look, and the person who sold me a ticket based on my fake student card actually believed I was 29 (you have to be under 30 to be a student in Basel), so that was a bonus!

And then it was time to come home and go back to work..... 

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