Sunday, 1 April 2012


Oh my indeed, I have never been this tardy with my posting - sorry Courtney & Issie - I will update now just for you! But to be perfectly honest not too many exciting things have been happening lately, well not in the visual sense anyway, but I do have a few nice things to document.

So what's been happening since our day trip to Brighton? Ummm, well, Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I have done our first group training event for Nepal - which was more eventful than we had hoped for - but that's another story, I did a craft fair, err also eventful and not really in a good way, I had a taste of what might be to come for me in pending motherhood witnessing my friend Lynda supervise her 4 year old "baking" - oh good God!The textile lovelies have been working hard on their brilliant Brighton projects, I have written tons of end of term reports, marked millions of sketchbooks and "done" parents evening - oh the joys of being that textile teacher! I have mastered (I think) the art of the tea cosy, not mastered my new swanky camera, sorry for the bad quality pics throughout, reached the end of our initial social worker visits and reached season 13 of ER! I have visited Gilbert White's house in Selborne for the first time ever despite being a bird "enthusiast" and a local and begun seriously getting excited by the fact that they are building a WAITROSE in Alton - I know, sad, but well I am 41 now and these things make a difference! I have also sat through 21 very impressive Final Major Project presentations and cannot believe that we are at that point of the year already - and throughout  the roller coaster that is FMP, Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I will go to panel - panel? Well this is where the crunch comes, our adoptive fate in 12 hands, will we be given eligibility to adopt? Well we will all have to wait and see - but ummm, can I assume that you will all keep those fingers of your crossed?!

so the last 3 weeks in pictures......

Petersfield Makers Market - go the stuff they sell is lovely!

Get yer tea cosies here.....!


Nepal - trekking in October 2012 - wish us luck and me the determination to get super fit - blimey these kids are fast!

These nutters not only walked the 15 miles we did, but another 15 before we had even started, getting going at 3.30 am - rather them than me, and err yes, those paws were pretty sore!

Apparently a healthy cereal bar is NOT a worthy substitute of the Mars bar or Scotch egg that Ivan (Mr Bicknell) would have bought for his packed lunch had He done the shopping - oh well!

Jazzy using the "cube" for her Brighton photo shoot - roping Sam in as her model!

Oh yes Viki and Hannah - your turn soon...

Meanwhile those hard working fine artists next door are playing the who am I game - err Mark, don't you think you should be cracking the whip a bit?!

Holly getting a Little bit cheeky!

Rachel, Evie, Viki and Pip - sugar and junk rush!

Be still my beating heart - behind that mound is a Waitrose!

Evie's cube piece - pretty believable!

Hannah gets her junk together

Pip miserably helps her set up!





More to come.....

Gilbert White's house - worth a visit - lovely Sunday afternoon stuff, and the cakes aren't bad either! I took my auntie Gill for her birthday!

FMP presentations... And in a desperate bid to disguise the crap photgraphy I have been playing with - have a go, tis fun!
 Rachel A - 1950's desperation!
Flo - keys and locks....
Abby - Candy shop.
 Ellie - Memories.
 Rachel C - Retro prints.
 Vickie - East is where the heart is at.
Evie - Jack the ripper - cheery! 
 Lauren - Come fly with  me.
 Lizzie - Ethnic prints and patterns.
 Hannah - The 12 princesses.
 Ruth - Animal play.
Holly - Extra terrestial. 
 Faith - Day of the dead.
 Jazzy - Washed up.
 Georgia - Miss Havisham.
 Josie - This little light of mine.
Pip - Identity.
 Sally - A lie to the eye.
 Maddie - Bringing the outside, inside.
 Sam - Fashion Promotion.
 Viki - Playing the field - err, nothing new there then!

Watch this space.....

3 things I liked recently too......

Thanks Deborah for showing me this - HA! I don't know why she thought of me!

New guilty pleasure - well, you should know me by now! Missing dancing on ice already!

Something to think about.....!

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