Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Birthday Brighton!

Mark asked me when I would like to take the students to Brighton with him (and Sammi, Paul, Caroline and Georgie) for the new project (interiors), hmmm, well how about on my Birthday I said - why, what a good idea he said, so off we went! And it was a mighty fine day too! It was a bit blowy, but the sun shone, the students had a ball - like they always do - and us grown ups took photos, played in the arcades - oh yes we did - drank outrageous hot chocolatee and ate chocolate chilli brownies in bonkers surroundings, ate mouth watering seafood at Riddle & Finns and shopped in the lanes - what more could a girl ask for? Well a big fat helium balloon from the foundation girls (which sadly popped - I think it was the coach driver myself), a super cute clockwork bird from George, a particularly fab birdie necklace from Caroline and some big fat tulips form Charmian (who didn't come - which was a shame because she's fab!), so I was spoilt too! So here is the photographic evidence of a grand day out!

Just for the absent Ivan - the only way is up......!

Over excited boys and girls on the beach!

A Brighton eye? Never seen that before!

George and Sammi - match made in heaven!

Simples - not so actually, could we catch one? Could we heck!

Caroline - city girl at heart - we didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't real....

Josie looking for the rest of her friends....

Errr, no ta...

No, I said no thanks!

Romantic couple?

Massive lego heads!

Here's Johnny! Interesting deco at Marwoods!

The chocolate was good - the coffee had a kick!

Caroline unimpressed with my picture taking - funny that she is always ready to pose though!

Wallpaper in the loo!

Window shopping....

Caroline's lunch at Riddle & Finns was also keen to pose!

The perfect hat - Penelope Pitstop eat yer heart out!

Strange curiosities in Snooper's paradise where Paul sells his T shirts - check this out....!/pages/Gilbert/180497605391190

Now who doesn't want a Tyrannosaurus necklace?

The obligatory carousel horse

Tokens, tokens, tokens

Hardened gamer!

Tea for the coach ride home.


  1. How wonderful...what a fab day out and I'm glad you had a great time. I wouldn't mind that wallpaper!!xxxx

  2. Thank you! The wallpaper is brilliant isn't it! XXX