Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Some new stuff, some improved stuff and some stuff I forgot!

Back to work then and busy, busy, with all the FMPs kicking off - some more smoothly than others - some of that to come in a week or so, but today I am over it! The 14 year olds have been getting shirty - in a good way for once! And I have been getting my s*** together for a bit of potential selling at a bit of a posh school tomorrow night - who knows I might not sell a thing, but I will have at least donated my stall fee to a very worthy cause! - why don't you do something lovely today and donate something yourself?! So if you are in the area I will be at Churches College tomorrow night form about 6.30pm - the main event is a fashion show which you may still be able to purchase tickets for......

So here is my week so far.

This is Mike, he is in Ivan's (Mr Bicknell's) tutor group, and as you can see, he spends his spare time by being even more creative! Errr shame Georgie says that we no longer have any money to buy things like post-it notes anymore......!

The 14 year olds playing with the shirts that they have had to collect for their new project - all inspired by these guys....

We will have to wait and see what happens when they actually start taking them apart and sewing them together!

All those prints have now been made into their things now too...




The same Tea cosies, but I couldn't resist including them!


Let's hope someone buys them .......!

If you need lovely, beautifully packaged sewing things, this is the place to go my lovely brother gave this parcel of goodies to me for my birthday....

And from one extreme to the other - oh Fabric Land how I love you!

So a bit more making then?

Two Easter bunnies found their way into our home this year too...

From my gorgeous friend Lynda

From Rench and Ness.

Finally, Maddie, who is one of my "girls" posted this last week on their blog and I thought it was great - have a looksie!

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