Thursday, 3 November 2011

Cinema Thursdays - who would have thought that I would like this one.....

So Deborah - other textiles teacher extraordinaire and I are back into cinema Thursdays - a new tradition we have come up with this year which is a great antidote to our harsh and stressful lives at college! Our little local cinema is only a fiver to get into, is a little bit run down and worse for wear, very small and a bit like watching telly in your front room - err, if you have a massive T.V.! But we love it, it is 5 minutes from college, is owned and run by a great guy called Raj, and well frankly if you can't see the value in supporting small local businesses then you are pretty daft!

This afternoons film was TIN TIN, now I have never been the slightest bit interested in Tin Tin, mainly because Ivan (Mr Bicknell) is OBSESSED with the ginger quiff haired one - I never imagined that he was so humorous and cool - well in the Jamie Bell incarnation anyway! The actual animation is incredible - a bit too creepily realistic, and the clip below doesn't really do it justice. I am hearing all over the place how terrible it is by all those die hard Tin Tin boy fans, but if you are not an original Herge disciple, then go and see it - it is a couple of hours well spent if you ask me, and Deborah even bought chocolates with her - a winner all round I'd say!!

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