Sunday, 13 November 2011

All of a spin

The students have spent the week recording movement in different ways including using a strange bin lid and drill contraption and a giant Spirograph amongst a whole host of other things.....

GIANT Spirograph made by our own lovely and VERY CLEVER Georgie - how cool is this????? However as you can see, Wing isn't so enthused - come on grumpy, where's your sense of fun?!

Chloe however couldn't quite grasp the concept!

Some close-ups of some that some people did actually produce and some cheaty PhotoShop versions.

Mark's mad bin lid and drill contraption - basically you stick a bit of paper inside the lid and while the attached drill wizzes it around you drop paint onto the paper - I was in charge later on and ended up with some very colourful looking painted on stubble....!

Ta Daaaaa!
And here are some others.....

Pretty huh?

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