Monday, 7 November 2011

Busy ol' week!

The students have done themselves proud this week, they are the best, our boys and girls! It has been a week or Dragon's Dens, Giant spiders and increasingly clever first years. I am writing this in front of Downtown, so I have to admit that I am finding it hard to concentrate, but I'll do my best............ so while I find out will happen to the wonderful Sybil - and turn all American on you - great line, I'll show you what happened when we were invaded by some GIANT spiders............

So, the above was a project devised by Mark with a view to taking part in the big draw - - so we were a bit late as you will see if you follow the link, but the thoughts there and actually it was lots of fun! The local primaries and the scouts came and had a play too, so it was a great opportunity for our guys to work with some littlies! The foundation students are now going to some spider animations from these too - so watch this space.........

Meanwhile....................My specialist group took part in our annual Dragon's Den task and I have to say they were BRILLIANT - without exception which is a first! Basically, they have to devise a new retail outlet/or concept based on the theme of the wasp, they have to do lots of market research and come up with  an informed idea, identify a relevant target audience, create a believable brand identity, "prepare" for a launch party and make a selection of give-aways to give the Dragon's an idea of their logo and overall outlet/concept look. They then have to present via powerpoint or Prezi and take a bit of a grilling! The Dragons consisted of Nicky Redmond, our head of marketing, Sara Russell, one of our vice principles, Chris Grant our head of IT and Lucinda Harris, an ex-student who has a number of years of experience within a top end retail outlet - she knows so much it is terrifying! There was also the small incentive of prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place - everyone should have won really!

So here's an idea of what went down......
GEORGIA - "Lace Wings" a retail outlet based on vintage glamour

PIP - "Colony model management" second place - a new model agency, based on the idea of a err, colony...

EVIE - "Delicate Era" an online store and magazine with the upcycling of vinatge clothes

Hannah - "Pique" - Sharp clothing & accessories for sharp women!!!

HOLLY - "Lace Wings" joint 3rd - a retail outlet which handles the re-design of ready-made garments, and accessories made from found objects - she even sold a piece to one of the Dragons!

JAZZY - " W.A.S.P" joint 3rd place - the idea of a safe environment within existing spas in which "ladies" may get tattoos and aftercare in comfort

FLO -  "Charlotte Rose" vintage clothing again, but this time an outlet which would also offer a styling service too.

LAUREN - first place - "Nectar" - home craft making kits "jammy mammies"


 VIKI - joint effort! - "Poise" - luxury undies and pamper products.

Meanwhile the first years are learning their alphabets....

And what have I been doing while all this has been going down???? Bloody marking of course!!! Oh and making bunting, and make-up bags, and clutch bags and stuff!!!

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