Sunday, 8 May 2011

Wet weekend.....

Aside from the incessant climbing and the general mess that Ivan (Mr Bicknell) appears to generate at home and more often than not, leave for me to clear up (but I know I'm not alone there, as most men are the generators of disarray in our homes aren't they?!), there is also another annoying aspect attached to my lovely husband's life, which naturally manages to cause me some grief - D of E. The Duke of Edinburgh silver award is currently being overseen by Ivan (Mr Bicknell) at college and the time of year for getting the boys and girls out into the open air is upon us once again, which means I get dragged into the camping side of things as one of the responsible females needed to make up the adult party - fine, but why oh why did he have to choose the only weekend where the heavens decided to open and then well, not actually close again! Two nights of near on continual rain doesn't do much for a girls beauty sleep you know!

The sun did come out eventually though and everyone managed to bask in it for a bit and dry out their very soggy tents!

I did have a bit of time to myself at the end of the weekend though to finish my cushions - and ta daaaa - here they are!

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