Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Printroom panic!

8 teaching days to go and counting. Even though I firmly denied it this afternoon, I will miss this year's cohort of textile bunnies - they are a sweet bunch, even though they totally (or "totes" as Ish would say) drive me to despair! Today, was on the whole, a very productive day, although I am now exhausted from the pep talks, the colour mixing and the mayhem. As you know, I love screen printing,  but it is only pleasurable once you have accepted both its limitations in that it will almost certainly be  unpredictable and predictably unreliable - the trick therefore, is to assume that things will inevitably go wrong and that having a plan b in place is sensible. You see, it isn't just the physical printing, it's all the rubbish that goes with it - the colour mixing, the fact that there is only one me and one Brooke, so sometimes the system moves a little slower than is perhaps desirable, and at this time of year, the lack of space, quickly depleting supplies and frayed nerves, not to mention the onset of warmer temperatures makes the whole experience excruciatingly miserable if you are not naturally of a happy disposition! My evenings are slowly becoming print workshops and it appears that without even trying, I can reduce any student to tears by simply standing next to them.... well girls, I am afraid that a certain amount of manning up needs to happen if you are to survive! In the meantime however, some fab prints developed today - so here's a bit of a sneak preview - shows will be up in a month.........YIKES!

Nancy getting serious - it's all about the flock...

Nicole - becoming an expert!

Nicole - shoe shop branding - all her own drawings - not just a pretty face!

Even though one might describe G's mood as being on the stroppy side today, she has already produced some great prints - these are so marketable and again, all her own images, nothing pinched off the Internet in my classes thank you! She has a very sophisticated sense of colour and form, and when she puts a lid on the temper tantrums I would imagine that what she finally produces will be exquisite, but err, don't tell her that I said that will you!

Finally, if only everyone was the cheery and happy go lucky printer that Becca is, I would have a very easy life - she is also totally fabulous and so close to being the top blogger of the year too!

So, like I say, 8 days of studio time to go.........

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