Friday, 13 May 2011

Panic stations!

As I am sure many of you are aware, Blogger went down big styly today - I am always of a nervous disposition in a situation like this as I am a total control freak (! ), so it was horrific seeing some lovely posts by my students disappear before my goldfish popping eyes - especially as some of them hadn't posted for a bit and this was sure to discourage them from doing it again, and I am on a total blog mission at college at the moment, so this simply wouldn't have done! It has been a brilliant experiment this year and SO valuable for future teaching, it is unreal, I am very proud of what my lovelies have achieved and hope they are too - and the personal blogs which have popped up have been really brilliant too - I love having a blog, it feels like a friend and makes me and what I do, feel, well, sort of a bit more worthwhile! I thoroughly recommend it! Anyway, all appears to be back to normal  - fingers crossed, so I can relax a bit now!

Talking of panic - the printroom continues to be a busy place and I have a few more images to share with you - ooooohhh I am even getting excited now as a few new bodies begin to print and create away!

Oh yes - PLEASE check out the Alton college textile blog - it is absolutely worth a look!

Becca in action - a steam train of a printer!

....her pile of prints gets bigger and bigger!

Lottie `- sixties dresses based on hair styles and make-up, so, "let's make up and hair we go....."

I actually have very high hopes for these Lottie - so keep it up!

Miriam, the reluctant printer - but why? Jane Austen brought up to date - test prints look good to me!

A bit more from the queen of grumps - G - this one has taken a pile of collge equipment home for the weekend - so if you are reading this young lady, I am expecting many brilliant things on Monday!

Ted and Ish - apparently there is ALWAYS time to enjoy a Gu desert!
And so skinny too - so not fair - my hips expanded just seeing them eat these!

Ish, in chains - devore in the making....

Ellie, checking out the blog - shame she hasn't grasped the concept of blogging herself - ah well, maybe this post will shame her into it!

Less than a  month to go...........

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