Monday, 25 April 2011

Near death experience...

I knew it, I absolutely knew it. Cows are scary creatures - I read somewhere once that 18 people a year die by being stampeded by cows and this afternoon I was nearly one of them! As you may know I sometimes walk my neighbours dog, Bobby, and together we have enjoyed many a lovely stroll, and it has been known, that we will mutually decide to avoid fields with cows in - both being of a nervous of cows disposition. Sadly, Ivan (Mr Bicknell) does not possess this sensibility and will brazenly march through any cow-filled field he happens across. Today was one of those days, and as he was accompanying us, we were forced to march alongside him.... I knew something was odd when it appeared as though the 20 odd beasts were conducting some kind of conference in the centre of the field. We were about a quarter of the way across when they started trotting towards us at some considerable pace in what looked like a scene from an episode of Dr Who (soooo glad that's back on T.V.!) - you know, the possessed animal/human kind - they then surrounded us and started nudging and generally goading us - petrified? Oh God yes! Ivan of course was super calm and did a magnificent job of hanging onto a near hysterical dog and equally so wife as we moved slowly across the field with our impromptu entourage - longest 2 and a half minutes of my life - it was like they were herding us! So be warned - cows are evil!!



  1. Cows are well known for their en masse thuggery! I wouldn't cross a field full of 'em....they're big beasties and god, can they run fast!

  2. I thought as much! My husband swears blind that he wasn't scared in the slightest, but I have my doubts!! And you're telling me they can run fast, I have to say though that I was slightly disappointed that Matt Smith didn't appear from behind them - although David Tennant would have been better.......! Xxx