Sunday, 17 April 2011

And off we went.....

At the ripe old age of 40 - yes, still coming to terms with that - I am ashamed to say that I have never stepped over the border and into Scotland, so when asked what I would like for a 40th birthday present, the first thing that came to mind was a trip to Edinburgh. OMG, he did me proud! It is still hideous being 40, but it is wonderful sharing it with someone who makes you feel special!

The hotel - Tigerlily - just what the doctor ordered!

Room 33

Ahh - we've arrived!

The sights.......


Ivan (Mr Bicknell) getting into the spirit of things!!

The nice windows - well, shopping, city, has to be done huh?

And then there was the art - why oh why oh why didn't I study in Edinburgh - hmmm, that would have cut out quite an interesting chapter of my life - and more's the point - why don't more of my students apply there?  The galleries are magnificent and it was so nice to just wander around them, discuss the work and drink afternoon tea together in very sumptuous surroundings - the Dean gallery was stunning! I can feel an art trip there coming on.........

Edinburgh museum of modern art

No - he wouldn't budge, not even with brute force or gentle persuasion!


Ahhh - french students, of course! Ivan (Mr Bicknell) - official photographer! Probably not what Charles Jencks had in mind!!

I can't help myself, but I love the work of Jeff Koons and it was brilliant to see so much of his work in one place.

The Dean Gallery

Homage to Paolozzi....

And I discovered August Sandler - I have been missing something here - this exhibition is worth a trip to Edinburgh all by itself - look him up, these photos are truly beautiful.

Afternoon tea and a trip to the mad loos!

The Scottish national gallery

Self-Portrait, aged 51

Rembrandt - self portrait age about 51, 1657

French drawing exhibition

Seurat - study of bather

Lancrenon’s drawing ability was recognised from an early age and his style was strongly influenced by his master Girodet. Many of Lancrenon’s drapery studies are exceptionally beautiful and point to a talent that has been unjustly overlooked by posterity – as Girodet predicted it would be.

Study of Drapery Joseph-Ferdinand Lancrenon

Main gallery

Three Oncologists (Professor RJ Steele, Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri and Professor Sir David P Lane of the Department of Surgery and Molecular Oncology, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

Ken Currie - Three Oncologists.

And speaking of which - well, you can't go to Edinburgh without doing a bit of ghost hunting....

So, you go underground into the vaults which apperently are the most haunted buildings in the whole of the U.K. and Ivan (Mr Bicknell) wasn't scared at all..........

Nothing to guide us but candle light - oh, and of course mad Lizzie.... this is how you use your ghost busting box.....

Did anyone hear that?

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  1. Lovely post...really inspired me to take a visit myself.
    Forty's not so's the new 20 apparently!