Wednesday, 20 January 2016

2016 - here we go then!

So you all know that it won't last but I am hereby stating that I am going to do my best to blog more than once a month! Errr, once every three months! I am fed up with being out of date before I even post! 2016 I think, might be a year of change - I don't know why and I hope it is a change for nice things, exciting things and fun things but I think something might happen. I am of course hoping that I might win the lottery (must buy a ticket), get offered an amazing new job which is miraculous in that it gives me evenings and weekends to play (!), become a T.V. star (you never know) or actually do something productive and creative that makes some proper money! I am lucky though in that I do love the students I teach and enjoy their daily company, have a wonderful husband and son and super duper family and friends - so I am already on to a winner! 

January started with yet another trip to the stick man trail - this time there were some previously unseen additions - all a little Blair Witch for my liking though.........

Things have been "shaping" up with the fashion specialists and I spent a most enjoyable (?) evening compiling their envelopes for them - however given what has has since developed from these and the very noticeable LACK OF COMPLAINT it was totally worth it!!

Annabelle, Nina, Emilie and Eva even looked pleased to open their envelopes!

The first years got the charcoal out and produced some very respectable large scale architecture drawings ahead of our annual trip to the city.

My (very poor) effort - Ivan's (Mr Bicknell's) was much better - but I am not going to panda to his ego by posting it on here!

Moodboards with the fashion bunnies


Amy's lovely compositions

Sasha having too much fun it would seem!

A quick photo interlude - say hello to the class of 2016 and find out what they're like!


















Back to the boards....

Fran or Ophelia - I can't remember!


Joint efforts

"No Honor - I said don't put it there....."

Beth (honorary textile girl), Alysha and Ophelia - who isn't bossy at all!!

Finished mega board

Last week two legends were lost - both at 69 David Bowie and Alan Rickman both lost their individual battles to cancer. No age to die. I will remember both fondly, for not only being great men, but raising the game with their own enormous levels of creativity who certainly made our world a richer place.

Back to London - made a bit of a photographic effort....

Nice bit of sculpture near Leddenhall

And Charmian and I didn't pop into the Cos 50% sale at Canary Wharf at all........!

Noah's morning Kindle routine - getting bashed on the head with the wretched thing is how I get woken up most mornings these days.

We had a visit this week from fashion designer Reen Alasadi - fellow professor at Winchester School of Art - a very fine time was had by all with some fantastic results!

Fantastic Dazed article

Mock and Uni interviews are underway - Emilie and Annabelle's folios are looking good!

We got or tie dye on with the CTECs

The voice is back with two new judges - hooray for rubbish Saturday night T.V!

And this? Well this is just pure gold!!

See you soon! XX

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  1. Yup. I'm thinking that 2016 is a year of change and I won't say no to it! I really, really want to be a first year in your group. Not sure what I'd put on my card though...sweary,snorty and shouty maybe! Gutted about Bowie and Alan. I can't believe it. Far too young to leave us. Ha a Noah/Kindle alarm clock.