Friday, 8 January 2016

September to December 2015 at last!

Here it is - the great big huge round up of 2015! You knew it was coming but had probably given up by now - I don't blame you! It has been a busy and manic term full of fun, creativity, celebration, family, love, happiness and a lot of hard work. This has been accompanied by some enormous amounts of stress an H-Pilori bug, a trip to hospital on Christmas day and a bit of a hard look at my work life balance - if anyone would like to offer me a well-paid job being creative that doesn't involve government cuts and a colossal amount of marking and ridiculous red tape, I would be very grateful!!!  But seriously I am very lucky to share my life with those that I do and particularly my amazing art department colleagues who get me through the day with such incredible humour and support, especially as I am lucky enough to be married to one of them!

So here we are - the BTEC tutors minus Mark who only teachers yr 2 - this was our attempt at providing a fun welcoming image for our new intake this year! I expect it was only us that thought it was fun!!

My new space became home! 

It took 3 of them to put one shelf up though.....!

When they finished with the tools the first years started drawing them!

Noah got invited to his first themed birthday party - this has only fueled his love of dressing up!

totally got into character!

The balance bike has had many an outing!

Alice Holt forest is always our preferred place to play!

This fella was as long as my little finger! The insect that is, not the child! It is amazing to me what a godsend these places are! Great for cousins to meet at and play!

Fun with my new CTECs and the heat press...

Mel and Juliet got married - it was an aerobics class dream come true!

I continued to make sandwiches - but this particular effort was not met favourably by my son....... 
Noah - in Waitrose of all blinkingplaces - "Mummy I didn't love my sandwiches today"
Me - grimacing as the man next to me becomes interested in our conversation - "No? Why not?
Noah - ""Wise" the bread wasn't lovely and the (smoked) salmon wasn't good enough"
Me - Colouring scarlet as said man;s jaw drops open "Oh, well that's a shame (whilst hissing shut-up under my breath and moving swiftly on)". Have you ever heard of over-heard at Waitrose????!!!

For some unknown reason our principle gave us a day off - it happened to be a Friday (Granny and Granddad day) so we went to the pub! SO worth a visit! And it was sunny!

Grating up-date by Jiminy (!) it's still going strong!

My carrots failed dismally 

But my tomatoes were a winner!

Judith had a birthday - a significant birthday and we ate out in the sunshine at Thedden - Noah and Finlay bonded over colouring books!

Back at college and back to the wasp - as if we didn't have enough of the little blighters over the summer!

Not everyone took it seriously!

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) actually gave up his sweeties!

Thedden turned 40! A weekend full of fun and activity - Richard Long eat yer heart out!

A new swing to fight over!

Happy 40!

Don't you love the lack of health and safety - ahh, the 1970's mentality!

Sean and Jenny cooked up a storm!

The conversation flowed *as much as the wine!

It was all a bit of a lottery.......

Cakes were made

Umbrellas were lit

The little ones couldn't keep up the pace!

The fires raored

The figures grinned

And grinned!

The cakes were assembled and quickly consumed...

The fizz helped to wash them down.....!

Grand parade plans from the egg room!

And off we go!

Neil - official photographer!

 Rocket making took centre stage once again!

Always a good idea to wear any kind of packaging!

Rainer - chief launcher!

Someone I know never misses an opportunity to jump on a tractor!

Even better with the ear defenders!

So whilst I celebrated, my LOVELY A level and BTEC girls spent their Saturday battling it out at the Winchester School of Art in a spot of up-cycling with fashion designer Reem, who it transpired was so impressed that she will be visiting us at college to come and work with the gang on our turf - well done girls you certainly did me proud! X

How clever are these girls?!

Any chance for Henry to pose it up!

Lovely hubandly duties!

Noah has been creating some lovely additions for my office wall! Maybe he will follow in our footsteps! 

Holly Holmes came back to intern with her amazing work - fully appreciated by all!

Ruth prepared for the weather. Ha! little did we know!

back to Hobbledown with Grandpa Renchi and Grandma Nessa.

Christmas began to appear - in this instance with sparkly crisps!

the markets loomed and some making took place...

I wrecked the wasp drawings - but it's OK, they rescued them!

Noah joined us to draw monsters - not bad for 31/2 !

Back to the print table for me.... 

The wasp project came to an end, for another year at least...

Some people still didn't take it seriously!

the spray paints came out at college - we do it like we mean it!

Of course - health and safety at all times!

And then came the spinning tops!

We all got scary - who knew our village could be so hospitable? Trick or treat anyone?!

My little sister got married!


Mother of the bride! Isn't she lovely?!

Your turn next Guy!

If only! I have to work at it you know!

The print table was back in action!

Nah - still not taking it seriously!

Nope - still not, but at least they adhere to the no food in the studio rules.......

The Dragons came to the den!

But these guys nailed it!

And I was relieved!

The sky lit up with fireworks and so did my little boy.

Yeah right Piers......

Jam tart making at Oma's

And eating!

And eating......

Noah won best tree in his nursery competition and now has his first book token to spend!

Some magical snowflakes appeared at Waitrose!

Babyccinos are the current order of the day1

Winter robins!

Inset day - yes, of course we take it all very seriously!

The advent calendar went up!

More magical snowflakes appeared - this time at college!

A mystery parcel from Switzerland! Spoiled child!

Mark got festive!

As did Mum and Dad's little village!

Deborah and I did a spot of wreath making

Some magnificent umbrellas took shape!

The art department hot the town!

A select group went to Tate modern to meet and say Hello to a very special group of people........

We made a connection....

...fully engaged.....

....shared the things special to us.....





and exchanged our hard work for sentiments and love!

There was cake and a birthday celebration for Albert

The Southbank was rife with impostors!

And bright sparkly lights!

My wreath made it to the front door!

The cousins celebrated an early Christmas

As did the Grandmas!

The sheep at Thedden didn't trust us!

The lovely oldies came back to roost!

Joanne - new to us, got stuck into some printmaking - not too shabby for a first-timer!

Just in case Rudolph gets taken sick - Noah got prepared!

The first years got making

And decorating!

The folios took shape

It's a mystery

Belle joined us on the annual Ikea evening out, so Lynda and I took full advantage of a spot of spontaneous dress-up!

Term finally came to an end and we had a date with Peppa

And look who was there.....

A glutton for punishment - Oma gets the mincemeat out!

And very tasty they were too!

Learning to cope with the unfortunate snakes!

Oh Stick man Stick man!

Not so happy to go home!

We went down to Little Street! Who knew???

We sang carols (extremely badly) at Thedden!

Some very important provisions were made.....

Just in case he needed to be convinced to come......

We needn't have worried - he did us all very proud!

And the longed-for pink goggles were not forgotten!

Noah's stoocking

Mummy's stocking

And Daddy's stocking!

Superman pants??? No way!!!

Ah, he even had time to leave a note!

An unscheduled trip to A&E.....

But it was OK - Noah was completely left in the dark!

Back in time for Downton though - horray!

The presents kept on coming!

The house embraced the festive period!

Stick man was so good we went twice but took some friends with us - well den building is heavy work you know!

Thirsty work too!

New year was shared with family and friends!

And lovely Bex came back to celebrate and spoil!

And Mr bicknell? Well he did us proud!

The rain didn't stop the walking and we felt grateful for being "down south", but sent our love to those further up.....

The weather has been confusing for all.....

Girls night in! Naughty shopping seems to have taken place for each other - when will we ever learn to save our pennies???? 

We eeked it out as long as we could

But then the party was over....

.....and we wait and see what 2106 will bring us! Happy New Year, XXXX


  1. Happy New Year lovely! Blimey you don't 'alf pack it in and is it possible that boy of your is growing even more gorgeous? I think so.
    Love the wasp project and that is how to party!

  2. Ah right back at you gorgeous - feels like I have been away too long!! Must do better in 2016!! XXX