Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Before and during the annual art trip

Yeah, it was months ago, but better late than never and you know how you love it when I finally post on here! Well you guys, hold onto your hats because this is the week that is going to leave you gasping for breath - I am going to get up to date before the exam panic really sets in and I have even less time to have a life! This little ol' post is all about the before and after our annual art trip (like the title says!), this year we dossed around Vienna and Budapest - both thoroughly recommended! But before we went things were busily happening around me!

First of all our lovely Georgie got even more pregnant and had to depart for a rest before her little boy's arrival - actually as I type he still remain rather illusive, now nearly two weeks late - hurry up baby! Georgie's lovely friend Amber orchestrated a wonderful baby shower so that we could all celebrate together and literally shower the new arrival to be in gifts! As you can see the Mummy had absolutely no idea what had been planned - this photo was taken before she started crying, and err, never stopped!!!

Mark getting to grips with his origami crane!

DIY baby grows

Amazing needle felted dinos

Meanwhile my little boy hung out with cousin Max and auntie Annie and (sort of) made lava lamps!

Bonfires were made too and sad little baked spuds got lost in the flames and were unfortunately recovered too late - but great idea Om nonetheless!

Te first years built their paper cities

The shape of thing to come came! Annabelle looking proud of her draping!

I should have posted these images before, but these are the best (spoilt) Christmas present edits this (last) year.


Husband + some jim jams, and best present of all, the Gogglebox book!

Bex - my bestie!

Not so cheery a present was this ENORMOUS rat from our fury boys - note for next year cats, you really don't need to bother with gifts!

My boy - looking a bit glossy!!

Naughty sale purchases - Oh I did good this year!! Not so much my bank account!!

Marking is always helped along!

Cat  number one, still not convinced about giving gifts!

 have resurrected my instagram account  - simply gayle bicknell - check me out (!), so pointless images of veg may appear on here from time to time!!

Liz - allowed out to shop!!

Me, not such a fan of this establishment, but I like the floor!!!

Perou (my favourite photographer ever) eat yer heart out! check out his secret diary - do not keep out!!

The second year fashion bunnies got designing and sewing!

Billy has been busy at Westminster!

And my girls did good with shaping things up!








Nina and Eva


A whole gang!!

Noah got independent with his zip-work

And started to write his own name - momentous occasion! 

Did a bit of collage...

Cold pyjama mornings

Weekend artwork

Secret scrolls for a bit of interior design!

Pancake day! Expert mixing!

Off on a plane - first stop Vienna - it most certainly wasn't


Park life on day one

Wrapped up warm, unless you are Ben - madness, it was very cold!

Well, the art department abroad - what else would you expect?!

Happiness is.....

A nice hot chocolate......?!

Build up to valentines day - flowers on the street

A Ferris wheel of trams? Ivan (Mr Bicknell) looks happy enough!

Saddo selfie!

And again!

Smile and don't rock the tram!

Alethea makes a new friend - creepy late night fairground attractions!

City walk finds

Flower girls

A message from David Icke in Vienna!!

A well-earned cake stop!


Birthday gurl!

Oh do stop horsing around.

Art at the Mumok - who kindly admitted us all in for free!!

Or maybe not.........!!!

Could it have been valentines day???!!

Inventive bears!

Always a foodie!

An interesting find near our (very nice) hotel.

Who needs swanky nights out when you are with friends and a pool table?!

Charmian gets her hustle on!

Amanda - hidden talents

Vienna certainly had its graffiti on! 

Schiele at the Leopold - so beautiful and so sad.


And then we were on the train to Budapest.....

Traditional dining - surprisingly tasty and tuneful! 

You gotta love a pro! Sadly n skating for us - well, do you remember or last trip to NYC? 'Nough said!!

Ducks instead!

Yeah Budapest is cool, but is it really that exciting?!

The metro stop which sent us to the police station...

Celebrity wedding Budapest style!

Amanda the "pap" even made the national news!!


Oh those girls - had far too much fun!

The gang!

Budapest knows its art!

Beautiful by night

Even the local cop shop had some decorative display! Well it was an art trip, so why not get ourselves an interview my Budapest's men in blue? Beats the hospital!!! Panic not, it was just a pickpocket offence, not I hasten to add, by one of ours - we were the victims don't you know!! It's a long story,  but I was impressed by detective Adam's resourcefulness in tracking us down!!

Yeah, they were quite!!

Oh the spas!

Tired feet, not s happy socks!!

Local souvenirs - can't say I really need one!

And I don't need faces on my pickles!

I wondered if he had really been killed off - just a bit chilly instead - preserved for the new one?!

A shop just or brushes! Oh they know how to clean and paint these Hungarians!!

Retail and coffee therapy - still so excitable, but why??
This place was awesome and I needed to use my credit card to worship it properly!!

Thank you Budapest it was charming to meet you! X

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