Monday, 22 October 2012

Open evening - busy, busy, busy!

So, it was that time of year again! We did our best to put on a good show and it was a busy couple of days! As usual our lovely students turned up to help entice some newbies - well the free suppers helped too of course! I was absolutely full of cold so I imagine that all those prospective students went away with a whole pile of germs as well as lots of valuable information and an inspired mind!

Although it looks like only our students are in attendance, there were LOTS of people looking around - I obviously can't put strangers on my blog!

Impressive sketchbooks - even if we do say so ourselves!

Look how good the BTEC 1st work looks!

Well Laura was having loads of fun, maybe Ivan (Mr Bicknell) told her his racing snail joke.....

Charmian and her illustration girls

It's a thumbs-up from Emma-Jane!

My lovely, gorgeous Lizzie Pinniger came back to show-off her lovely work and remind students that uni isn't the only option after college - something important to remember....

Ahhhh, look at my handsome husband!

Siobhan must have heard the snail joke too, although I think it looks like she is only humouring him!

first year painting project

The racing snail joke....

I thought I'd experiment and try removing my racing snail's shell and see if it made him go faster, but if anything he became more sluggish.........

Just to clarify - it wasn't my joke!

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