Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I am trying not to be intrigued, but......

One of our colleagues is a bit of an enigma - he'll love that I have just written that - he is a curious creature who plays his cards close to his chest. I always think that he is living in the wrong era, although contradictorily he is certainly no dinosaur, up to speed with all things technical and keeps his ear so close to the ground that he is always aware of all things new and worldly, quite often putting the rest of us to shame. He also, I believe, enjoys driving us a bit mad by purposefully keeping us all in the dark. Lists of animals began to appear on his desk a week or so ago, typically and predictably these have captured our attentions and demanded that we too add to these cryptic scribes in a bid to elicit a response. I am doing my best (badly) to remain nonchalant about what the reasoning behind them might be, whereas the not knowing is driving some almost insane! I have my theory, but I'm not sharing either. So, why is he doing this? Is it purely to observe just how malleable and easy to wind up we all are?!  

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  1. whale, dolphin, starfish, cat?
    yay for updated blog gayle! :)