Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Life goes on

So term ploughs on and my life is consumed by the usual stuff. Here is a bit of what has been going down in my life...

It is craft fair season - so I am making whenever I can, well, that is whenever I do not have piles of marking, personal statements to help with, references to write, trips to organise (nightmare), fitness levels to keep up (we leave for Nepal two weeks today) and HIDEOUS colds to battle with (I am V.ill today!)! I have started doing a new market, it is at an amazing venue - Tweseldown racecourse near Church Crookham (GU52 8DY) and the competition is fierce! I was placed in an out building  but had a great spot none the less and was placed next to an amazing coffee stall - a mother and daughter team who roast their own beans - let's just say I sampled quite a bit! The next one I am doing is on the 24th November - please come and see me! There are loads of great stalls which are almost as good as mine and some delicious food stalls too - I can vouch for a few! Probably why I am not 8 stone..... 

My effort - but as you can see below, the rest of the lovely neutral "paletted" stalls allowed me to really stand out! Hooray for colour!!

We got the first years painting - I know that they are on a full-time art course, but the idea of painting at an easel is often a bit much! But they did good and they are very nice bunch! A bit camera shy though....

My effort - slow progress was made! This I am afraid will never get finished - but I do love to paint!

The foundations got stuck into some intensive drawing and have begun to get used to group crits - this is the first year that I have never previously taught the A level textile students who have stayed on - which is refreshing and they all seem very good and very nice - Deborah and Liz have taught them well!

Mark and Charmian getting things going

Caitlin looking worried?

Getting the work stuck up

Ian looking nervous

Trust Adam to notice the camera....

big bold drawing, now that's what we like to see!

Last minute stuff

My new group (BTEC 2) have been going all waspy again - I will get some of their work up in a later post - but as Imogen always uses my camera I have stolen one of her pics of her 3D collage thang!

Last weekend I went to my friend Amina's charity event. Tragically she lost her baby boy Zach at 38 weeks in May and has remarkably, stayed standing and strong through it all, turning her dreadful experience into some positive energy and helping to raise awareness and desperately needed funds for SANDS.  Her husband and brother in law were part of the musical line up and the evening raised over £1000. A lady with an incredible inner strength, you are a star gorgeous girl.X

Juliet our fitness instructor friend was also invaluable during the evening by purchasing and consuming as many slices of cake as she possibly could, the lengths people will go to for charity.....!

And, back to the making - clutch bags are a go!

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