Sunday, 19 February 2012

4 days all to myself!

So the first part of half term was brill and the second half has been great too - Ivan (Mr Bicknell) has been climbing, climbing, climbing, and I of course have been printing, printing, printing! We have also had another meeting with Happiness our social worker, and I have to say that these sessions are what I imagine therapy to be like, it really is quite strange dissecting your life with a relative stranger.  I have been very fortunate in that I have never in my life felt either rejected or unloved, it is therefore quite sobering to fully appreciate the  fact that on a certain level I may be unable to draw upon the necessary reserves when things get tough with a child who may well be emotionally scarred. I never thought that the adoption process would be easy, but the harder you look at yourself the tougher the journey appears to be. Having a child is a massive commitment and one that we are both ready to take on, I do however wonder how it would be if every prospective parent analysed who and what they were in quite so much depth...

This week we will be attending the mandatory preparation days held by our adoption agency, I am both excited and terrified by this and can't imagine what will be involved, what will be good though is being given the opportunity to meet other potential adopters who are in our exact position, I will let you know how it goes....

In the meantime, here are so more boring pics of my latest creations!

Amina also got married - she is one of my aerobic girlfriends - and oh how we all danced - just the thing to end a lovely half-term, and do you know what? I am even quite looking forward to going back to work tomorrow!

Amina Kellie

There were even goody bags to take home!

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