Monday, 20 February 2012

14 year olds again

So I haven't posted anything about the 14 year olds for a while - it is all about jewellery at the moment and things are proving to be moving pretty slowly at present which is frustrating, it is always hard when you have a set idea of what you want but no examples of previous work to reinforce this because it is a new project, and on top of this it doesn't help when your students are also new and considerably younger than those you are used to teaching on a daily basis, so lots of things get lost in translation - I WISH that there were more hours in the day so that I could do the projects myself! Life is also more hectic than ususal at the moment too with our impending adoption prep days and it just so happens that two of which fall on a Tuesday, which means I am not even going to get to see them until 3 weeks time, agghhhh!!! SO, in a DESPERATE bid I have done a little something which I hope Liz and Deborah will look at with them tomorrow.....

Basically...... They had a mechanical object like a clock, took it apart, drew the pieces, found a shape/piece they liked and then started experimenting with this one shape in terms of texture and scale (in theory), they have had a go at felt making, knitting, crochet, resin and latex casting so far, and now have to decide how to use these processes to create one  or two pieces of jewellery - I am looking for things that are flamboyant, ambitious and well designed! My ideas below are just a start and I am really hoping that what they produce is far more creative, especially as I have copped out and  only used a circle shape to play with, but time was of the essence........!

So I have used binding around card, felt making, and different sorts of crochet - looking at flat rings and more 3D examples and then started to place them together to from, in this case, ideas and designs for a potential necklace - in an ideal world I would have joined the pieces together and photographed them on Monica - our plaster mannequin, but well, hey ho, I didn't!

Adding ribbon as fake ties kind of gives you a bit more of an idea (I hope!).

SO, if you are reading this BTEC first girlies - get on with it, oh, and do your blinking homework too!!!!
See you all in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Hello im looking to become a textiles teacher and i really love your blog. Im just wondering what steps you took to get to were you are today ? any help would be much appreciated :)
    thank you