Monday, 28 June 2010

Praise for The life of a textiles teacher...

O.K. so it's from Sam - whose amazing work you can see on previous posts, but good for the ego none the less! Check out his blog - in fact you should follow it religiously as this boy will go far! What are we like huh?!


The Life of a Textiles teacher

Ever wondered what it must be like to have to put up with all those students squeezing the life out of you on a daily basis? Now you can read all the gossip that is passed around the staff room... from teenage pregnancies to what students they really despise... You can gain access to it all by following the link below...

Only joking!

Our wonderful textile teacher, Gayle, has put together a blog for anyone who takes an interest in textiles/fashion/art and design in general, and enter Gayle's world as a teacher/lecturer/practitioner. You have to turn yourself into a sponge now, because everything this lady says is valuable.

It's been such a privilege to have Gayle as a teacher for the last year. I really have learnt so much beyond what the world of education is expected to teach you, and no doubt, you will learn a lot too just by regularly checking her page. 
He is absolutely right though!

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