Monday, 28 June 2010

First guest blogger - hooray!

Jess is a first year at Alton studying the BTEC National Diploma - this is what she had to say about the clothes show.....

The Clothes Show Hype

On Friday June 25th a sea of females flooded Earls Court to see topless, 6 packed models and rinse their bank accounts on the latest summer fashions. With most stalls selling dresses and skirts with floral patterns and lace edging, there was little variety although I thought it summed up this season well. The theme of the main show was effective as it explored all fashion capitals and combined culture with couture, including reflective dance. An enjoyable day overall and I’m sure the highlight for most was ‘Max’ the models body with high pitched shrieking every time he strutted down the runway.

And here she is, avoiding having her photo taken, unlike Ivan (Mr Bicknell) her tutor!

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