Saturday, 26 June 2010

The clothes show - better than expected!

The live show.... Mental note to get the students to watch this on you tube before next year's show - maybe they can adopt some of the same moves.... No pressure guys!

An excited Ruth - who is actually going to be my fist guest blogger....
Deborah NOT panicking that we have lost someone already!

Yesterday Deborah and I took a bunch of girls to the clothes show in London - not an event I can ever find myself getting terribly excited about - you know, the usual stuff, "oh my god why are all the clothes so small?" "why do I have to get old?" "How come Caryn Franklin still looks so good when I don't?!", but it really wasn't so bad, the live show was the best I've ever seen it, it wasn't super packed and I even picked up a bargain from Tatty Divine! The girls loved it and seemed to have parted with quite a bit of cash, so maybe I could brave the Birmingham one again.....

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  1. At least my feet didn't ache like they do at the Birmingham one