Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Here we go then, mega catch up time! AT LAST we have reached the end of the academic year and can breath for a bit, and no I am not even thinking about the full box of marking still by my desk - you know what? IT CAN WAIT!!! 

All in all it has been a good term, the odd up and down, but pretty good nonetheless, lots of other stuff has gone on alongside and life, as usual has been full on - but I must admit, I am really ready for the summer break, and if we are really lucky it might stop raining for a few days!!! I am also not even going to talk about Brexit -it's all too depressing, instead I am going to focus on the finer and lovelier thing in life - well before it all goes completely to pot anyway!!

Happy holidays!!

So following the success of my wall (!) here are a few close ups!!

Of course, these two are by far the best! Our family - with only one cat because Sniff has never revealed himself to Noah, whereas Scratch has demonstrated some tolerance! Noah's Rainbow - a proud example of a skill taught to him by cousin Elspeth!

Just in case we forget!

A drama queen in the making! 

The superstar duck who lives in the bathroom - I think him above had something to do with this!!

I do love to peak into a student's artbox - clearly this one (Amy) is into toy cars!

A mammoth task for Noah's room in a bid to embed the alphabet  into his fuzzy little brain!! Hmmmm, it hasn't worked yet!

But he seems to like it for its aesthetic! 

We found time to make flapjacks, and then it really hit home just how bloody calorific they are!!!

A cheeky bit of printing... all in the name of a student (Catherine) demo!

Just a reminder for me that he does actually sleep and awwwww, wasn't he cute when he was still 3!

Big pink glasses on my little brown boy!

Oh no Mummy, you didn't cut all my hair off!! Enough to make a wig there!!

A surprise in the post for me from Katie - all the way from New Zealand!

The final stages of FMP saw a floury of activity.... Amy knitted....

Ruth laser cut......

Sasha felted.......

Ophelia Beaded....

Izzie brainstormed....

Nina concentrated......

Fran glued....

Sasha followed on with a bit of embellishment...

Sophie made a million roses - no, really!

And as you will see later, the end results were awesome!

Ahhhh, my boy turned 4 and I didn't get carried away with the party essentials at all......

The AS did their exam - Lauren proudly showing her masterpiece on Holly!

Jenny's nearly edible creation!

Noah got back to nature with Daddy and Oma with the magnificent bluebells. Oh look, there was some sun this year!

The party of the year took place and a fine time was had by all....
Always handy to have a grandpa Renchi who doubles up as a bouncer!! 

Party bags - too much fun to make!

Thirst quenchers

No one went hungry!!

But all the running burned it off!

Some people took the pass the parcel more seriously than others!!!

Mine and Mum's joint cake effort - fit for a winner!!

Talking of winners - Aunty Annie smashed the pinata!!!

Careful instruction - actually no one really listened to me - ha! Same old same old!!!

Pinata spoils!

And a couple of glasses of Prosecco always goes down well in the (rarely sighted) sunshine at a party!! Doesn't it dad???!

And as far as I know, everyone had a good time! So.....

And the wall keeps growing, what is a stags head between friends?

Well, maybe two?!

So the sun shone enough for Nigel next door to get the water slide out for our collective boys - a massive hit!!

It wears you out though - so be warned!!

Ta daaaaa - lampshades are g-g-go!!

Back to college and a beautiful Lauren print!

Duh, Tuesday night and all we had in the house was a bag of mussels and a bottle of Champagne!! Ah well......

He officially turned FOUR!!!! Of course you therefore have breakfast in bed!!

And Mummy makes you a special T Shirt!

Birthday camera - this is going to take a while.....!

Of course the after party means the composition of a million thank you cards!!

Someone else had a birthday -a VERY SPECIAL birthday! Happy day lovely Charmian, we love you!

Last crit this year meant party bags for the gurls! Well, I was in the mood after all!!



And cake!!

A weekend in Dulwich with cousin Max and Aunty Annie

Mark got some ink - well, sort of!

And got a casting! Love how Nathan doesn't look too sure!!

The CTEC did it, they blinking well did it!! They finished the course!!

Nina BTEC got her print on...

And I headed up to the big smoke to see my lovely PIP rock that runway with his awesome collection at Westminster - I quote Charlie Porter - "best in show". Of course, he's one of ours!! Not such a salubrious entrance though!! 

Pip and his lovely Mama Fay!

And we mustn't forget his old partner in crime from the Alton days though - the brilliant Evie did stupidly well in Amsterdam!

And Becky - Part of China fashion week no less!!


And this little guy rocked being foxy, which took his Mummy a ridiculous amount of time to do - Grandma Nessa and Grandpa Renchi- we will practice and thanks for the awesome face paints

Afternoon tea at the Carey-Thomas's! How very civilised!!

Drawing for Oma...

....on yer bike!!

An interesting new pastime! 

Beware, stopping the fun has its consequences!!

Maxi turned 4

A biking party at the velodrome

The first time we ever saw Noah go without the stabilisers - good job Granny and Grandad!!

The best of the CTEC

And......... My boy started school - so the journey continues!!

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