Monday, 23 May 2016

Up until Easter and it's holiday - hooray for holidays!!!

It was a long old slog up till Easter with lots of mock interviews, full-on art projects and the beginnings of FMP. The end of our Tate collaboration came too and it was good to meet our Danish counterparts as part of this process. 

The Easter holiday itself was fun-packed and productive. Of course it's the end of May right now so it all seems a very long time ago.......

On the way to Tate back in March - sandcastles by the Thames - why not?

Waiting in anticipation......

Getting to know or Danish friends

Looking purdy!

And err, trying to look cool.......!


Practicing and forming friendships

Checking out the traditional Ethiopian spread ahead of schedule! Strangely, despite spending a considerable amount of time in Addis, it turned out that this is the only time I have ever enjoyed Injera!

Problem solving.......


Back to work and planning for their T.V. debuts!

Ben Smith capturing the action!

Complex cooking!


Kitchen making

Food preapration

Practice presentation

Lighting fires!

Cool as a cucumber!

Important finishing flourishes

Ready for action

And off they go!

And then it was goodbye!


Daddy was typically climbing, so we treated ourselves to noodles!

We ate lots!

This was followed by a bit of a shopping trip and a bit of fun with some hats! Aww, doesn't he look purdy!!

And he knows it!

The annual "egg-stravaganza " at Tedden...

Cousin team-work with Oma's tree

Soggy egg hunting with Auntie Annie - who made a bit of an effort for the occasion!

Raincoats, wellies and brollies were essential!

Bu then the sun came out and a Ned-shaped bunny came out too!

Despite the weather may eggs were gathered!

And happily scoffed!

The bunnies multiplied!

A tabled laden for fun and feast!

Spoilt boys

The weather stopped outdoor play (typical) but the indoor play was hugely productive.

Lego building afternoon in the dark thanks to storm Katie - worse tings could have happened!

A day in the big smoke.....

Are we there yet?????

Kulu Kulu for lunch - our favourite stop for sushi - can daddy really still be hungry???

Yes he can!!!

Trafalgar Square fun - not too sure about Yoda though.....

Kings of the world!

The Mall galleries where two of our students were exhibiting....

Martha Dobson

Nathan Ward

Fully appreciating the art on show

St James's park herron

This apparently is a new trend - Chinese newly weds travelling from China to have their "wedding"snaps taken in London!

The London Acquarium

Would he go for a fish based design? No he would not! Arachnids all the way at the moment!

All the fun of the fair!

Not sure who enjoyed the carousel the most!

More noodles!

A bit of light reading on the way home!

And making sure that we showed our (special) tickets.

Goodbye to the blues at home and hello to some cheery grey!!

Lunch and doodling with Granny

Daddy went overseas to climb so we went and hung out with the family in good old Glasto!

Creative Playdough 

Not more egg hunting??

Walking with Uncle Mike and cousin Flo in my  beautiful new jumper knitted by Oma's Danish friend Nete.

Naughty treats from Grandma Nessa.....

.....and then off to Longleat to visit the monkeys!

Lots of nibbling went on - including the rubber off my back windscreen wiper!

Glad he didn't have his nose in our car! A student told me that this fella, or at least a mate of his actually tipped their car over! Yikes the risks we take for our kids pleasure!!

Strolling tigers - such a slinky strut!

Basking lions

How it used to be!

So, you want me to sling this fish at him right?

Yeah, she does, and so do I mate!

No arachnids when it's only me on duty!!


Happy 50th Longleat - we had a blast!

Just had too. Much. Fun!

And when the old man's away you wake up in the morning with TWO uninvited guests in your bed!

We hooked up with the Howlands and made masks and refrigerator cake, because, well, it continued to chuck it down all holiday! 

Some people got a bit carried away!

And well, if it's going rain - you may as well jump in the puddles!

And wait for the sunshine to come back!

So my little grey project came up trumps + I love it!

The bloke came back from his travels!

And Thedden Leo had a birthday - 36 years young!

Impromptu music at brunch which......

....... quickly got totally hijacked!

Lovely present to Leo from his clever Dad. 

Medicine being administered to make going back to work a bit better!!

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