Sunday, 9 February 2014

Colour me happy - again...

So, another week another dollar - well actually my pay packet last week was pretty blinking awful - enforced new pension plan, childcare fees, payback for overpayment and the loss of a weeks earning because my re-start date was a week into the month - now I know that one doesn't go into teaching for the money, but for goodness sake! Mr Gove of course would have us all on even less dosh and given that despite what you may think, we work really, really hard for our pennies I am beginning to feel a bit fed up about it all! Rant over - the last couple of weeks have actually been very enjoyable and full of hidden gems - Noah continues to blossom and is now starting to put words together - yesterday however he actually pointed at me and said  "no mummy no!" I think I was attempting to prevent him from emptying the fridge at the time!! I have an intern (get me), two fab students came back to visit and I was overwhelmed by the response to a FB shout I put out - more about that another time - don't want to say too much in case I don't manage to work the miracle I am hoping to!

So, at the risk of repeating myself and a blog post, we are back into the colour project and I can't help myself when it comes to those envelopes!

First of all, welcome back Vicki - currently studying in Swansea and came back to share the lo-down on Uni life - I know her talk was much appreciated by this year's girlies and I appreciated finding out about an Elle dec mag I didn't know about - blimey, call myself a textiles teacher?!

 This year I am teaching the photographers too - haven't a bloody clue what i am doing, but giving it my best shot - I am probably being over critical and picky, but the photos are looking great - these are some test shots from Emilie - and some very inviting looking heels!

I think we can all agree that the weather is PANTS but this was a nice sight and cheered up my weekly Sainsbury's shop! Noah's first rainbow I think - a brilliant nod towards this years winter Olympics - oh Mr Putin, get over yourself and Germany? Well more power to you!

This of course leads me very nicely onto our current project - oh God I really need to get a life - I don't suppose many other lectures sit up to 2am on a Sunday night doing this?! I wanted to show off my fab insulated glasses from my BFF which were part of my original Christmas present - not the little extra parcel I got a couple of weeks ago - too!

Oh who am I kidding? I love organising piles of things and finding interesting crap on Etsy!!

We had to fill in a form for Noah's nursery - I have the worst handwriting in the world so it was down to Ivan (Mr Bicknell) to do it - hmmmmmmmmm!

I love the fact that my studio is full of random rubbish - of course, a pair of legs, why not? Siobhan and Tabi have enjoyed them anyway.....

In fact Siobhan seems to find some fun in anything - why not put a plastic bust on the copier? Work? Really? You're kidding!

Emma however does nothing but work and if you find anything interesting kicking around the studio you can pretty much guarantee that she has had something to do with it - I wasn't wrong! Watch this space and you will see what this homemade colour palette contributed to....
I am actually being mean about Siobhan - she actually works REALLY hard - I will hopefully show you the fruits of her labours in my next post.....

Charlotte has been getting handy with the letter press...

AMY - my shy new intern (busily putting up an inspiration wall) - a student with us 4 years ago - very clever lady and very beautiful - hooray for FB.....

Snowdrops in our garden - just a glimmer of hope..... oh no, wait, it's raining and blowing a gale again.

Rosie getting to grips with making a moodboard...

Caroline, pretending to work - just because you have an awesome lipstick madam - doesn't mean that you can hand your work in late......!

Leah, very pleased that she got the colour green!

Rosie's all jingly - could be that we are off to NYC in less that 2 weeks!

I can't remember who did this - but isn't it lovely?

Emma embracing purple - doing her best to enthuse Caroline!

Oh I do love  a letter stamp!

Buttons, buttons, button,, buttons, buttons......


Cheeky - not thrown away - immortalised Siobhan!

A glimpse at Siobhan's book of beauty.

Gotta love a cruel textile mind! 

Nice stuff

Busy, busy

Karl - also immortalised forever - hundreds of these appeared in our department last week - naturally!




Oh Jess - why do you let them do it?!


Purple - convinced yet Caroline?!



Still busy...

Piers - student visit number two - enlightening to say the least - clever boy just landed a very good job - his visit was mostly appreciated by the girls.....!

Check our lovely boy out here...

My current crush however is right here.....

Have a good week! XX

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