Sunday, 16 February 2014


The work below is by a very clever student of mine called Emma - seemingly she doesn't sleep as she creates sketchbooks that completely blow my mind - full of life, experiments, great research and clever ideas. In fact this year I have lots of students like this (as I do every year!) - but this is a real cracker. The project is the book project - it begins with a charity shop find of their choice and ends with some kind of handmade journal - in this instance a tea light holder to a forecast manual.

In the meantime I have been persevering with my fabric baskets...

And I have been making cushions for my lovely sister-in-law's cafe Lucky 13 in Brighton.

check out this fab place here - and if you are ever on the Lewes Road Brighton - get yerself to number 13!

The printing is taking its toll on the walls of my studio as is all the crap I seem to keep bunging on them!

Without fail though, Scratch continues to show his support! Even if he is asleep most of the time!!

Dig those paws!

I am still loving The voice and Dancing on ice! I will hopefully be doing my own dancing on ice this week in NYC - Charlotte is going to teach me how to skate backwards!!! See you on the flip side....... XX


  1. Oooh fab! I adore sketchbooks especially when they are as awesome as that. She's gonna go far I think! I'm glad you kept on with your baskets because I want one...I hope they are coming to the fair. Blimey...the paws of a bear-cat.xxxx

  2. I know! She is a very clever girl - very sweet too, so that's a bonus!
    Ha! Baskets - what a nightmare - never thought I would need pie r squared again!!! They will be there with bells on!
    Yeah 6 toes - he's a freak!!!
    Can't wait to catch up again. XXXX