Sunday, 3 February 2013

The rest of the week

So a quick round up of my life in pictures besides drinking coffee and yelling at Rylan....

Laura H made these and took a chance.......

Funniest pair I've ever seen......

Libby had a birthday - just as well she's textiles and not fashion with that hat!!

Nella resurrected the dead......

The first years built a paper city....

We saw Steven Berkoff at college (and I nearly touched him) in an Actors Lament.

Saturday I had lunch with a lovely girlfriend, who is one of those people that you always look forward to seeing and just can't get enough of! I am hoping that once baby arrives she will come out to play lots!

Smoked salmon sarnies and tea at the Bush in Farnham 
Then we went shopping - dangerously there is a new shop in Farnham called the Paisley Cat - - like them! It is all too nice!!

We popped into the Maltings market too - it is HUGE!
Maltings Monthly Market

I am thinking baby's bedroom alll the time now.....

Renchi came to stay - he doesn't always dress up as a pirate - there was a party, but I ad to take a pic - he was unrecognisable! 

Then there was another party that we went to...

And I made envelopes - yep, that time of year again!

I had ordered these fab things from Etsy but they have not appeared in time.... Ivy - you inspired me with your cake toppers!!!

Party bag filler  20 retro vintage vending supply  plastic rings charm varies cat sunglass bunny ice cream guitar

10 assorted colorful wild life plastic charm stand ups  lion reindeer rabbit bunny horse elephant bear deer / 001

Party bag filler 15 plastic vending retro kitsch airplane plane toys gift tag charm or for fun

10 assorted neon Africa wild life plastic animal cupcake topper charm lion tiger   hippo

LAST Set of 15 kraft bags Large 31.5 cmX 15.5 cm favor bags, bakery bags, treat bags,paper bags

And now it's (late) on Sunday - so after a meal of padron peppers, cheese on toast and a drop of red I am off to bed!

Night. X
P.S. I hope you still have your fingers crossed.....!

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